When you try to search for elopement locations in Oregon, are you overwhelmed with the same few spots showing up over and over? There are a lot of beautiful iconic places here to elope. Maybe you want one of those locations, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Although, these more popular spots can be crowded, more expensive to get a permit for, and maybe you just want something more unique. I’m going to go over to my favorite hidden gem elopement locations in Oregon. So stay tuned and read on, especially if you like hiking!

No Name Lake

One of my favorite hidden gem elopement locations is called no-name lake. It literally looks like it’s in the middle of Patagonia. You can make this an all day hike by going the 17 mile route, or you can make it a short hike were you still have time to do some thing like have a picnic and host a reception. You can do this by doing the 5 mile route instead and driving to the upper parking lot. Be warned, it is a seriously bumpy ride and you’re gonna want a high clearance vehicle. Find it here!

no name lake

Spirit Falls

Oregon is known for having a ton of waterfalls. Some of the most well-known waterfalls are located just outside of Portland in the Columbia River Gorge. This is an incredible stretch of land that has tons of hiking trails to waterfalls, and it is crowded all of the time. One of my favorite hidden gem elopement locations in Spirit Falls, the water is a bright turquoise blue and I’ve never seen anyone else there when I go. This location is a fairly easy hike in an incredible scenery!

 spirit falls elopement location

Black Butte

This hike is worth all of the incredible views. Once you get to the top of this trail, you’ll see all of the mountains and be surrounded by their peaks. This would be an absolutely incredible spot for a ceremony. I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be at sunrise or sunset. This hike is only about 4 miles round-trip, the hiccup is somewhat steep, but short. Click here to see it.

Hidden gem elopement location in Oregon black butte

South Sister Trail

If you’re not interested in doing a hiking elopement, you should pass on this one. Alternatively, if you do want to spend most of your day hiking and exploring glacial pools, mountains, and all of the gorgeous things nature has to offer, this might be location for you. This is a decently hard trail but the scenery rewards you at every turn. This hidden gem elopement location in Oregon is perfect for a “just us” elopement experience with no other guests coming along. Click here to check it out!

Hidden gem elopement location in Oregon moraine lake

Tam McArthur

This one is a bit of a climb. Once you get to the top, you have views of the lakes and the mountain. This spot can be a little busy on weekends. Although, a sunrise or sunset ceremony here would be incredible and there would be very few people. The wild flowers in the summer are gorgeous, and every turn of this trail is picture worthy. Check out this five mile hidden gem elopement location in Oregon!

Hidden gem elopement location in Oregon tam mcarthur

Tumalo Mountain Trail

This another steep boy, but the views are absolutely worth it. This hidden gem elopement location in Oregon it’s about 4 miles long and highlight some of the best view Central Oregon has to offer. Golden hour and sunset at the spot would be magic. This would also be a fantastic winter location, that is if you’re into snowshoeing. See more here!

tumalo mountain elopement locatioin

Paulina Lake

This location has a few diverse options for your elopement. You can choose to hike around the lake, all while finding obsidian. Or you can do and elopement near the gorgeous waterfall. You can even check out the Hot Springs that are right on this lake, all with mountain view’s. Alternatively, if you’d like to rent out the campground and have an intimate ceremony with friends and family and still get to enjoy nature, this would be an incredible spot to do so. Read more here.

elopement location in Oregon

Scout Lake

I am obsessed with the Mount Jefferson wilderness. This place is one of the many hidden gem elopement locations in Oregon. But this one is one of my favorites. I’d say this is another location that is for the avid hiking couple. This hike is around 11 miles long, with incredible lakes, mountains, wildflowers and everything that you love about Oregon. Another one of my favorite things about Mount Jefferson is that it’s never incredibly traffic. If you’re looking for a peaceful day hiking for your elopement with your partner, this is an amazing location for you. Read more about it here!

Hidden gem elopement location in Oregon scout lake

My Favorite Hidden Gem Elopement Locations

These are some of my absolute favorite hidden gem locations in Oregon. A lot of these are relatively close to Bend Oregon (where I live, hi.) I’m gonna load of time for, but did you know I’m also a plan or too? I help my couples find the perfect location by having them answer my questionnaire and then sending them a customized location guide. Next assist in obtaining all necessary permit to keep everything legally legit. I also curate timelines and determine activities that’ll add to your elopement experience. If you want an all inclusive elopement experience with step-by-step help from a photographer who wants to capture your authentic love, feel free to contact me

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