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Looking for an Oregon elopement photographer? My name is Emilee Setting, I service Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and I’m available worldwide. Oregon is my home. I am constantly enamored with the mossy trees, snowcap mountains, high desert, and endless waterfalls. I know so much about this place and I’ll never be done exploring.

I’m not just an Oregon elopement photographer. I’m also here to help you plan it, from start to finish. My skills don’t and documenting your incredible day, I take a lot of steps to get to know you and your relationship. This helps me to accurately capture the nature of your relationship on your wedding day. It also helped me to find the absolute perfect location for your elopement and assist you in planning a day that speaks to you both and will create memories that will last forever.

My Services

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The first thing that happens when you inquire with me is a free consultation. Here I get to know you both, and answer all of your questions that you have so far. Once you decide that we are the perfect fit, I book you! Following that you will receive a questionnaire that helped me get to know you even better and help me create a customized location list for your elopement based on your ideas and what type of scenery you’d like to have.

Once you pick your location from my location guide, I hope you obtain all necessary permits to help you keep everything legally legit. Last but not least, we make a timeline. I hope you decide on everything you want to include in your wedding day and have seamlessly put it all together. I can also recommend vendors. Need anything else? I’m here to answer any and all questions. This makes me much more than a Oregon elopement photographer, but your planner and guide too.

My Packages

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Being an Oregon elopement photographer, I offer a variety of packages for your perfect day. Whether you’re looking for something super short and sweet, or you’re leaning towards some thing that’s more than just one day and you want a multi day elopement experience. No matter what, I have something for you:

Mini Elopement Experience

My two hour elopement package, perfect for any couple who wants a simple ceremony, photos, and maybe an activity or hike. It’s also perfect for couples who are celebrating an anniversary or vow renewal. Even small days can be overwhelming. I’m still here to help you plan the entire event to make it stress-free and give you an incredible experience.

Half-Day Elopement

My five hour elopement package. This package is ideal for couples who want coverage of getting ready, a ceremony, and some kind of celebration. Want to spend the rest of your day privately without being photographed? This is a great option for you. This package still includes all of my services. Planning, permits, timelines, the works.

Full-Day Elopement

My ten hour elopement package. This package is the whole deal. Perfect for couples who never want to forget a single moment of their elopement day. The package for those of you who want to soak in every moment and be completely stress-free. Having me for your entire day means we don’t have to rush a thing and can just exist together while taking in every moment.

As an Oregon elopement photographer, this is the package I recommend the most to get the full experience and have every beautiful moment documented and planned for you.

Multi-Day Elopement

My fifteen hour elopement package. This package is fifteen hours that can be divided up anyway you want. Although I typically recommend five hours one day, and ten hours for your elopement. This package is absolutely perfect for couples traveling out of town that want to do some thing fun and exciting while in a new place, and still have a full day elopement experience. It’s also a great choice for international elopements so that you can catch your multiple locations, and bridal wear and in casual clothes. Want more details? Check out my pricing guide.

Oregon Elopement Photographer Resources

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Interested in learning more about elopement planning? I’ve got you. Being an Oregon elopement photographer means I have a ton of experience in the planning process, finding perfect locations, and knowing everything that you need to do to prepare for the big day. Check out my other blog posts here to get yourself started on the planet! Looking for inspiration? Check out some of the elopements I’ve shot here!

Bend Elopement Photographer

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Bend is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in all of Oregon. This is my home, and I’m truly obsessed with it here. So many couples come to Ben for their elopement day, and it’s obvious why. It’s an incredible location with some thing for absolutely everybody. It’s incredibly accessible to the outdoors, with a ton of breathtaking locations that are easy to get to without even having to hike. If you’re planning your own elopement in Bend, Oregon, or anywhere else and you’re interested, let’s chat!

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