If you’re here, you’re likely trying to find a photographer to shoot your elopement, and you might have some questions:

1.)We feel awkward in front of the camera, will our pictures still look good? 

Hell yeah they will. My process is all about connectivity, the goal is to make you feel like a friend is taking your picturE, during a day that is crafted to make you feel nothing but pure bliss. When you feel good, you look good.  

Big nope, eloping and the outdoors is for everyone, and there’s a perfect location for your day no matter who you are or what activities you want to include, and don’t worry, I’ll help you find them.

Absolutely not. Your whole day is documented, yes, but we are capturing your story. First looks, handwritten vows, big laughs, your favorite meal, kisses at sunset, and so much more.    

2.) Do we have to do insane hikes to get these scenic views in our photos? 

3.) If we hire you for an all day elopement, will we be posing for pictures the whole time?

Experience based

My Approach

This is about you two. I will help you create the perfect day and be there to capture every second of you enjoying it. In many of my photos, the couples aren’t looking at the camera. They are being present, completely focused on each other. These are the emotions and memories we are capturing, not an eight hour posing session. 

How We Work Together

I'm a 25 year old photographer based in Bend, Oregon. Constantly on the road with my adventure husky, Jasper. I'm passionate, driven, unfiltered, and absolutely believe I have the greatest job in the world. 

What you need to know about me.

Let's do this!

Eloping on coastal cliffside in Oregon.

Pnw Adventures

A canyon hike to find a turquoise waterfall.

High up in the high desert.

Your story your way.

(spoiler alert : These elopement are epic

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