This was an absolutely magic elopement in Mt. Rainier. Rebecca and Vasa inquired about my photography services. They told me that they were big gamers and they wanted their wedding day to feel like a fantasy. We took about two months to plan the elopement in Mt. Rainier, and then Rebecca found out she was expecting. They were already excited about their wedding day, and now they were ecstatic about having a baby on the way. They asked me if I could take some photos of them holding a sign saying “player three loading” (pictures below.) Of course, I told them a YES and we were all so excited for their elopement in Mt. Rainier.

The elopement in Mt. Rainier

The wedding day finally arrived. Rebecca and Vasa showed up in two different cars to not see each other right away. I walked down to the river with Vasa and set him up for his first look with Rebecca. Once they saw each other, their faces lit up with excitement. We started our hike down to the giant trees in the Mt. Rainier forest. Once we made it to the ceremony location, Rebecca and Vasa then read their vows in front of a few friends and family. The vows were beautiful. They made some goofy video game references throughout the vows. Rebecca and Vasa were totally and completely perfect for each other! The ceremony was beautiful, and we were ready to go set up the picnic in the meadows. I highly recommend having an elopement in Mt. Rainier, it has something for everyone and is absolutely gorgeous.

The reception in the mountains

We hiked back from the ceremony location. After that, we drove to our second location and set up a beautiful picnic. They then picked food that reminded a couple of their first date, (cheese, grapes, Uncrustables, and Capri-suns.) After the picnic was finished up, we went on a few trails and explored the mountains playing music. Rebecca and Vasa stopped to dance as we slowly made our way to a wide-open view of Mt. Rainier at sunset. We got a few more photos and hiked our way back to the car trying to beat the sunset. Once we were done, and Rebecca and Vasa were married, they headed down to a little cabin that they booked and stayed in the beautiful National Park. If you want to start planning your own elopement in Mt. Rainier, contact me here or below!

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