Disco-inspired elopement in Bend, Oregon.

This disco-inspired elopement in Bend, Oregon, was a fun reminder that your wedding day can be whatever you please. Christina and Kyle have a love for everything outdoors. They also love funky fashion. They wanted to capture their personalities and wedding attire in a unique way.

We discovered this abandoned gas station within the Oregon Badlands. The Oregon Badlands is an incredibly beautiful place for hiking, and some photoshoots. Although, we wanted their pictures to have a little bit more kick to them. So this old gas station gave us exactly what we needed for our disco-inspired elopement.

To the average passerby, this old gas station might be an eyesore. To us, we saw an opportunity to get a vintage feel and work with some fun props Naturally, we found old suitcases, a disco ball, and some eccentric sunglasses that made us feel like we were in ‘Almost Famous.’

The Disco-Inspired Elopement Experience

Once we had all of our props together, we were pumped for the day. Then, Kyle and Christina showed up for their disco-inspired elopement and started getting ready. Kyle wore dress pants with some suspenders. Meanwhile, Christina wore a shiny wedding dress with big white heels. She gets it. Following getting ready, we explored the location and listened to some music. Next, we found a ton of unique locations to shoot at while we were there. It’s hard to pick a favorite, the gas station itself, the Oregon Badlands as a backdrop, or the weird little shed in a field.

The disco-inspired elopement was a 10/10. We laughed, we cried, we had a desert dance party and watched the sunset. If you’re wanting to add some flair to your elopement or intimate wedding, this is your sign to do it! Check out the photos from our disco-inspired elopement below! Looking for someone to photograph your day? Let’s chat!

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