Bend, Oregon is a stunning location for an engagement session. With mountain vistas, tranquil forests, and stunning waterfalls that offer the perfect backdrop for a romantic photoshoot. Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Bend is a hub for adventurous couples who love exploring the great outdoors and want to capture their love story in an unforgettable way.

From the breathtaking views of Smith Rock State Park to the peaceful serenity of Tumalo Falls, Bend has a seemingly endless array of breathtaking locations for your engagement session. Whether you’re looking for a dreamy meadow or a majestic forest, this beautiful city is sure to exceed your expectations.

With its clear blue skies, endless sunshine, and unmatched natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Bend is a top destination for engagement photography. Whether you’re an adventurous couple looking to hike to the top of a mountain or a more reserved couple who wants to capture candid moments in a charming downtown setting, Bend has something to offer everyone.

So if you’re looking for a perfect engagement session location, look no further than Bend, Oregon. With its stunning scenery, warm and welcoming community, and endless possibilities for adventure, this city is the perfect place to begin your love story.

Locations in Bend, Oregon

  • Smith Rock State Park: A breathtaking park known for its towering cliffs, Smith Rock offers stunning views and dramatic landscapes. More info
  • Tumalo Falls: This magnificent waterfall cascades down a 97-foot drop, surrounded by lush greenery. It provides a picturesque backdrop for engagement photos. More info
  • Sparks Lake: Surrounded by the snow-capped Cascade Mountains, Sparks Lake offers a serene and reflective setting, perfect for capturing romantic moments. One of my favorite engagement session locations in Bend, Oregon More info
  • Dillon Falls: Located along the Deschutes River, Dillon Falls showcases stunning rapids and a scenic landscape. It’s an ideal location for adventurous engagement sessions. More info
bend oregon engagement session location
  • Shevlin Park: This expansive park features meadows, forested trails, and a charming creek. It provides a peaceful and natural atmosphere for engagement photography. More info
  • Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint: With a panoramic view of Bend and the surrounding mountains, this location offers a stunning backdrop for engagement photos. More info
  • Deschutes River Trail: This scenic trail runs along the Deschutes River, offering beautiful river views, lush greenery, and various spots to capture memorable moments. One of the best engagement session locations in Bend, Oregon. More info
  • Farewell Bend Park: Situated along the Deschutes River, Farewell Bend Park features river access, picnic areas, and scenic views, making it an excellent choice for engagement sessions. More info
bend oregon engagement session location

Engagement Session Locations Continued

  • Drake Park: Located in the heart of Bend, Drake Park shows off a charming riverfront setting, stunning trees, and beautiful bridges, providing a romantic atmosphere for engagement photos. More info
  • Lava Lands Visitor Center: This unique volcanic landscape offers dramatic scenery, lava flows, and panoramic vistas of the surrounding area. It creates a distinct and unforgettable backdrop for engagement sessions. More info
  • Todd Lake: Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, Todd Lake is known for its crystal clear waters and picturesque mountain reflections, making it an idyllic location for engagement photography. Anywhere on the Cascades Lake Scenic byway is going to be an incredible engagement session location in Bend More info
  • Three Sisters Wilderness: Offering a wide range of stunning alpine landscapes, including meadows, lakes, and mountain peaks, the Three Sisters Wilderness provides a romantic and adventurous setting for engagement sessions. More info
todd lake
  • Tetherow Golf Course: This beautiful golf course boasts manicured greens, stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and elegant settings, making it a great choice for engagement photography. More info
  • Mt. Bachelor: With its majestic snow-capped slopes, Mt. Bachelor provides a breathtaking setting for engagement sessions, particularly during the winter months. More info
  • Phil’s Trail Complex: A popular mountain biking area, Phil’s Trail Complex features scenic forested trails and picturesque landscapes, offering a unique and adventurous backdrop for engagement photos. More info
  • Newberry National Volcanic Monument: This volcanic wonderland encompasses lava flows, cinder cones, and stunning geological formations. It offers a distinctive and extraordinary setting for engagement sessions. More info
mt bachelor


  • Pilot Butte State Park: As a prominent landmark in Bend, Pilot Butte offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding area. It’s an ideal spot for capturing sunset or cityscape engagement photos. More info
  • Bend Pine Nursery Park: This expansive park features open fields, winding paths, and beautiful pine trees, providing a tranquil and natural environment for engagement photography. More info
  • Benham Falls: Located along the Deschutes River, Benham Falls showcases powerful rapids and stunning river views. It offers a dynamic and captivating backdrop for engagement sessions. More info
  • Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint: Situated along the Deschutes River, Cline Falls offers scenic river views, rocky shores, and beautiful foliage. It provides a tranquil and picturesque location for engagement photography. More info

If you’re planning your engagement session in Central Oregon, you’re in luck. There are so many beautiful locations to choose from. As your photographer, I’ll create a location list that’s tailored to your preferences and personalities. From waterfalls like Dillon Falls and lakes like Elk Lake to scenic trails like Deschutes River Trail and mountain views like Mount Bachelor, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a mix of urban and natural settings, Mirror Pond in downtown Bend is a great option. Whether you’re golf enthusiasts or nature lovers, Central Oregon has it all, and I can’t wait to capture your love amidst the beauty of this stunning region.

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