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If you’re wondering how far in advance to plan your elopement, you’re in the right place. Just because you’re having a small wedding doesn’t mean all of the planning work vanishes. Having a chunk of time to truly decide what you want, and reserve the best spots, flights deals, vendors, etc, is important.

Elopements are becoming increasingly more popular. With that being said, certain places require special use permits that sometimes only one couple can secure for the day. This means that even free outdoor spaces can have limited availability. Another reason to consider how far in advance you should plan your elopement. Being a full time elopement photographer, I’ve worked with a ton of couples who have eloped and then rented out an Airbnb for a reception with friends and family. You’ll want first dibs on those too!

6-12 Months In Advance

how far in advance to plan your elopement

6-12 months in advance is when you’ll want to start planning your elopement. If you want to get an amazing photographer, a year in advance will be your best choice. I have couples that book at as far as two years in advance. Securing their vendors, then taking time to figure out the logistics.

If you’re doing something local with just the two of you, it’s a lot easier to plan with less time. But say for example you’re planning an international destination elopement. In that case, you’d want to start planning a year or more in advance since there’s a lot more to workout, such as hiring vendors in another country.

I help all of my couples with the planning. We first secure their location, and their lodging. Then other vendors, flights, who they’re inviting, etc. Finally we get our permits and work out a day of timeline. These are all things that feel way less stressful when you give yourself enough time to plan. So that’s how far in advance your should plan your elopement!

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