How to elope in mt hood

Mt. Hood is one of Oregon’s most stunning locations, so we’re going to chat about how to elope in Mt. Hood. Being right outside of Portland it can be easily accessible to travelers flying into Oregon. Being known for its immense beauty, incredible hikes, endless scenery, and to die for skiing and snowboarding, Mt. Hood has become a top tier location for elopement. And being an elopement photographer myself, I can see why and love getting to work here.

With that being said, today I’m going to go over everything you need to know about how to elope in Mount Hood. Despite being incredibly popular, Mount Hood is a place where you can truly get some privacy on your elopement day. So let’s go over some of those incredible locations:

Best Elopement Locations in Mt. Hood

One of the biggest things you’re going to want to know when you’re learning how to elope in Mt. Hood is what’s the best place for you to actually say your vows? This is totally going to depend on your style, how many people you’d like to have (if any) whether you’d like to hike, or just catch some views and grab a bite. But here are some of my favorites and ones that are fairly easily accessible!

Lolo Pass

Lolo Pass is both a stunning drive and hike. This hike is close to around 7 miles long. If you’re learning how to elope in Mt. Hood because you’re in the business of a hiking elopement, this might be a great spot for you!

how to elope in mt hood

Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake is an iconic location in Mt. Hood. Why? Likely the gorgeous reflective views of the mountain in the still and quiet water. There’s a loop around the lake that can be hiked. Alternatively, in the winter you can get to it by cross-country skiing. This place is fairly popular. I assume most couples figuring out how to elope in Mt. Hood consider as it’s wildly beautiful.

mt hood elopement locations

Zig Zag Canyon

zigzag canyon is an absolute stunner. This hike gives absolutely incredible views and is less than 5 miles long. This hike starts near Timberline Lodge. Not only is that where ‘The Shining’ was filmed, but it’s an absolutely incredible place to get a fancy meal and drink after your gorgeous hike.

how to elope in mt hood hiking trail

Silcox Hut

This location is perfect for couples who would prefer to have an intimate wedding where their gas could sit down and be indoors. Silcox hut is a restored warming hut that is located in a scenic area in Mount Hood. Although, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. There are many trails nearby, which is perfect for bride and groom portrait sessions or just taking a hike to get some privacy time.

Tamanawas Falls

Tamanawas Falls turning waterfalls located in Mount Hood. Organ is known for its tons of cascading waterfalls. For some couples, that’s the appeal of visiting. These Falls are located on a well-maintained hike and are moderately easy to get to. I am also completely obsessed with them in the winter.

how to elope in mt hood winter

Paradise Park

Paradise Park is known for its meadows of stunning wildflowers. With that being said, this hike is going to be ideal in the summer months. Peak wildflower season is going to be in July. This is a bit of a longer hike. Although, you don’t have to complete the entire thing to get out of this world views and have an amazing time.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake as one of the best fuse of Mount Hood in the national Forest. There’s tons to do here considering it’s near a bunch of trail systems. This is also the perfect location for kayaking, or renting a canoe and getting some romantic photos on the water. 10 out of 10 recommend.

Old Salmon River Trail

Old Salmon River Trail is going to be perfect for couples who want to hike but would like to not break a sweat for their wedding photos. This trail gives off the moody organ vibe that everyone loves. Old growth, moss growing up trees, and a winding river. What more can you ask for?

Venues in Mt. Hood

Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge is a really amazing option for so many reasons. First of all, they actually offer an elopement packages if you’d like a lot of the planning work done for you. The views are completely unbeatable, and honestly their food is awesome. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty high on my priority list.

Mt. View Orchards

Mountain View Orchards offers all of the views that you get from a hiking elopement, but can actually seat a decent I’m out of guests. Not only that but it has an actual dance floor, DJ booth, and basically gives you a mix between a bigger wedding and scenic elopement!

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl

Mount Hood Skibowl is honestly a ton of fun. They have an actual wedding venue space high up on the mountain. They provide chairs and an arch facing Mount Hood. You can also have indoor space set up for you and your guests if you so please. How do you get to the top of this mountain venue you ask? You take the ski lift to the top. How do you get back down? You can ride down on alpine slides. Pretty freaking awesome

How to Get to Mt. Hood

Knowing the best way to get to your dream location is important when you learn how to plan your Mt. Hood elopement. If you’re coming in from out of town, the closest airport is going to be the Portland international airport. From there depending on where you are going, Mount Hood is around an hour+ away.

Best Time of the Year to Elope at Mt. Hood


Summer is a truly magical time of year to elope at Mount Hood. Primarily because all of the wild flowers will be out and decorates the landscape in an array of beautiful colors and unique petals. The downside is that mount hood is likely more crowded this time of year. But don’t let that slow you down, you can always get away from the crowds by choosing less popular hikes, or getting out on the water for a kayak or canoe ride


As you’re figuring out how to loop in Mount Hood, you might be realizing that every season has its perks. Fall is a gorgeous time of year because generally speaking most of the hikes are still open. Although it has a tendency to be a lot less crowded this time of year. Not to mention those gorgeous fall colors.


Having your elopement in Mount Hood during winter is more of a bowl choice, but certainly not a bad one. I’ve never seen anywhere more that lives up to the term winter wonderland. So many of the Airbnb’s and hotels here have big fire pits for you to warm yourself up. And if you have any interest at all in snowshoeing, frozen waterfalls, or snowboarding and skiing down Mount Hood, the winter might just be the perfect season for your elopement.


I’m going to be candid with you, dear reader. I hate spring. I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons to love it, but when it comes to the outdoors it really just reminds me of getting super muddy and being let down because a random road is still snowy, or a hike is still inaccessible because of late snowfall, and there’s always so much rain. I feel like spring is the most unpredictable season, and I’m not saying not to do it, but I am saying for those of you heeding my advice on how to elope in mt. hood, I wouldn’t recommend (unless you love the rain.)

Where to stay in Mt. Hood

Where you decide to stay for your elopement is going to be able to personal preference. Maybe you find the idea of a hotel romantic, and want accessibility to restaurants and bars within an indoor walking distance. Or maybe you want the privacy of an entire home to yourself. Alternatively, you’re possibly eloping in Mount Hood to be in nature and want to find a dope A-frame cabin that gives you all of the Pacific Northwest views and feels.

Regardless of which of those options suits you for your wedding day needs, you’ll find what you’re looking for as Mt. Hood has an array of choices. Here are some of my favorites!

Timberline Lodge – Gorgeous lodge with bars and food with insane mountain views and snowboarding/skiingg

Cabin on 2 Acres – Cabin located in Mt. Hood that can sleep six and is on 2 acres of gorgeous property with a river

Modern Cabin – Cabin in Sandy Oregon, close-by to all of the sights and sounds of the mountain with a fireplace and hot tub

Home on River – This cute home lives on a river and includes a fireplace and a hot tub!

A-Frame – a cabin that features a sauna and outdoor shower for couples who want to get a bit steamy

Cooper Spur Resort – A resort that features log cabins and farm to table meals.

Cabin on 5 Acres – a large cabin on a private 5 acres of property with large windows and an indoor and outdoor fireplace

Where to Eat in Mt. Hood

as you’re figuring out how to elope in Mount Hood you might be wondering what’s going to be on your dinner table. There’s tons of great options in the area, whether you want to sit down at a brewery or partake in a fine dining experience.

Timberline Lodge – On the fancier side, you can check out their restaurant menus online and get gorgeous mountain views

Huckleberry Cafe – for some cute and old school dining

Mt Hood Brewing – If you’re looking for some good brews, good views, and simple but tasty dishes

Double Mountain Brewery – Who doesn’t like pizza? Brick oven pizza is served here with an awesome beer list

Private chef – if you’re looking for a more personalized and catered experience, consider hiring a personal chef to come up from Portland and cook a meal for you wherever you’re staying for your elopement!

Mt. Hood Elopement Activities

  • Choose from one of the many gorgeous hikes
  • Kite surfing
  • Drive the scenic byway
  • Snowboard or Ski in the winter
  • White water rafting in the summer
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Visit all of the local breweries
  • Star-gaze or site-see
  • Head into Portland to check out thrift stores, restaurants, and bars!
  • Wine tasting

How to Get Your Mt. Hood Elopement Permit

As you’re planning how to elope in Mt. Hood you might be wondering how to keep everything legally legit. The first thing you’ll need to consider is how to get your mount hood elopement permit. I’m pretty sure everyone in the world knows the government websites are the absolute worst navigate. Although, as long as you’re having less than 75 people your special use permit for your elopement should be free.

Go to this webpage and read the information and fill out the form that is attached. One of my services for my eloping couples is permit assistance. Hiring me means that I will help you with all of this stuff!

Mt. Hood Elopement Packages

Check out my packages and prices for Mt. Hood Elopement Packages! Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 5 hours of coverageg
  • Get to Know You Questionnaires
  • Location Research Assistance
  • Customized Location Reccomendations
  • Elopement Planning Checklist
  • Timeline Curation
  • Permit Assistance
  • Travel Included
  • A full gallery of your day beautifully documented!

My prices for this service begin at $4500.00. Take a look at my pricing and FAQ’s here! Feel free to contact me with any initial questions and set up your complimentary phone consultation and we can chat more about how to elope in Mt. Hood(or anywhere!)

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