Lanikai engagement session at sunrise

Lanikai is a popular place, both for engagement sessions as well as for tourists and the locals. Of course, this is because it is stunningly beautiful. Hannah and Joshua love this beach and wanted it as this engagement session location. This is why we decided to get up at sunrise! Sunrise sessions are incredible, the light is beautiful, and there are very, very few people. We definitely wanted some privacy as our photos got just a little steamy. That being said, Lanikai Beach is an amazing place for an engagement session if you want both casual outfits as well as pictures in bathing suits, preferably in the ocean.

Lanikai Beach overlooks the Mokulua Islands. It’s also well known for having crystal clear water. Because of this, it’s an amazing spot for photos in the ocean! Hannah and Joshua arrived at sunrise for the Lanikai engagement session. We started with casual outfits. When the sun started to get higher in the sky and things warmed up, they changed into their swimming attire.

Hannah and Joshua wanted some photos in the water for the Lanikai engagement session. They splashed in waves. The water was extremely warm, even though it was winter and the beginning of the morning. They sat on the sandy shortline together letting waves hit their bodies. The photos are incredible. Just by looking at these images, you can tell they were having an amazing time.

Lanikai Beach Engagement Session info

If you’re thinking of having your own engagement session at Lanikai beach, here’s some extra info to help you out. Lanikai beach is located in the town of Kailua. And again, this is a pretty busy beach, but you can always beat the crowds with sunrise sessions.

I would also consider having your Lanikai engagement session in the winter. There are far fewer tourists. Although, if you’re interested in taking some underwater photos, Summer would be best. This is because the water is a lot less clear in the wintertime. This beach is super close to Waikiki, a large tourist destination in Oahu. Want to plan your own engagement session and want beautiful photos like these? Let’s chat! I’m here to help with everything.

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