This longboard engagement session consisted of beer, boards, bubbles, and badlands. The Oregon Badlands, to be specific. This place is so wildly overlooked for engagement sessions and shoots. There are tons of cool locations, hikes, and old-timey dusty roads that aren’t heavily trafficked.

We wanted a pretty quiet road specifically for this longboard engagement session. We were basically in the middle of the road the whole time. With that being said, we did a bit of research to ensure we were in a pretty safe location. We did our best to pick a very straight road with good visibility so we could see cars from a distance.

The Longboard Engagement Photos

Okay, these photos came out great. I am a firm believer that photos turn out the best when the couple is actually interacting and having a good time. So when Nina told me she wanted to incorporate blowing bubbles and drinking PBR, I was super down.

Naturally, Nina and Shae’s longboard engagement session consisted of them actually longboarding. They took a few practice run to get their sea legs. Next, they tried riding the board together, pulling each other, trying to sit on, and all while shotgunning some brews.

The absolute best way to get lively photos filled with authentic smiles is to make your photo session actually feel like a date. This gallery of images below perfectly displays that. We played a ton of loud music and had a fantastic time blowing bubbles like we were kids again.

Other Engagement Session Ideas

You don’t have to have a longboarding engagement session in order to have a seriously fun shoot. There are so many cool ideas that can be totally unique to you. Setting up a picnic, going on a hike, surfing, baking a cake together, sitting in a hammock, and playing tunes together on a guitar. Honestly, the list goes on and on.

Think about some of your favorite things to do with your partner and think about incorporating them into a shoot! Even if your favorite thing to do is sit at home together and cuddle up. You can totally rent an Airbnb and do an intimate indoor session. The point is ALWAYS do something you like and enjoy the photo session! For Nina and Shae, it was all about the longboard engagement session and adding in some fun props.

Booking Your Own Session

If anyone has ever told you that you have to do a specific style of engagement photos well then: Spoiler Alert! They were lying. You can quite actually do whatever the hell you want. Although, there are always a few important things to consider! If you want to really dress up, consider finding a location that is accessible right from a parking lot instead of doing a strenuous hike. If you WANT to hike and dress fancy, bring a backpack and change at the top

Always consider your favorite season, your favorite things to do as a couple, and what kind of scenery you’re considering. You can totally keep your engagement session local or turn it into a fun trip away together to celebrate your engagement!

Whenever you have ideas locked and loaded, find yourself a photographer with a style you really like and inquire to them about your idea! I personally love taking on unique shoots and helping people put together their ideas. I also help out acquiring the correct permits for commercial photo sessions, wardrobe, and timeline planning (you have to get that golden light, right?) Want to chat more about your own engagement session? Possibly even a longboard engagement session? Click here!

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