Elopement at No Name Lake

This elopement at No Name Lake in Bend, Oregon, was just as stunning as the landscape itself. There are a few ways to get to this lake, and none of them are necessarily easy. You’re able to do a 15-mile hike that starts at Devils Lake off of the Cascades Lake Scenic Byway. Or, you can drive up what I would call a pretty terrifying road to the upper parking lot. This option makes this incredible hike only 8 miles.

Samantha and Ryan wanted to go somewhere epic for their elopement portraits. A permit is needed to get to this hike, and again, it is deemed a hard trail. Knowing it would be pretty private as well as how gorgeous this place was, an elopement at No Name Lake felt perfect. Lucky for me, Samantha and Ryan are both runners and this hike was easy for them, even in their wedding gear. I was taking in all of the beautiful views as I was huffing and puffing slowly behind them.

Getting to No Name Lake

We only came to the lake for portraits, but an elopement at No Name Lake could easily be an amazing all-day event. There are so many places to stop for pictures, picnics, sightseeing, and dancing in the sunset. The light stops hitting the lake two hours before sunset, so shooting there earlier in the day and still having time to hike back down before sunset is a perfect situation.

Ryan and Samantha’s elopement at No Name Lake was dreamy and one of my favorites of the year. Once we got to the summit, they danced, climbed on rocks, popped some champagne, and explored all around the lake. We took a break and sat on a cliff-side overlooking glaciers. I was in awe that this place was less than an hour from Bend, Oregon. I highly recommend this location to couples who want to have an adventurous elopement and fill their day with epic views and get away from the crowds!

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