Painted Hills Motorcycle elopement Central Oregon

Having a motorcycle elopement at the Painted Hills was such a unique idea. T (bride) and Jordy (groom) felt they wanted to break all tradition, and even go outside of the norm for elopements. The Painted Hills are located in Central Oregon. They are about four hours from Portland, and two hours from Bend. This gorgeous park is full of incredible scenery. All of the hikes at the Painted Hills are short and easy, all while displaying colorful rolling hills. It’s the perfect spot for an elopement if you want to explore multiple locations.

Painted Hills Motorcycle Elopement

What really made this elopement so insanely unique was bringing in the motorcycle. T and Jordy rode the bike through the painted hills scenic byway until golden hour. T told me she has always wanted to ride one, and decided to make it a part of their epic elopement plans. Needles to say, the couple had an absolute blast and were all smiles after their ride. T and Jordy got off the bike and put on their wedding gear. We hiked into a cove for them to see all of the sights and say their vows. We had the entire cove to ourselves as the sun started to set, everything was perfect.

Elopement at cove in the Painted Hills

Sunset at the Hills

After the ceremony, we continued on with our painted hills motorcycle elopement. We explored the rest of the park on the motorcycle, taking breaks to hike and take in all of the views. We only took the bike on the gravel roads to practice leave no trace principles. However, there was a gravel road that leads to a breathtaking overlook of the painted hills. We stopped to take photos all over. T is a model and had an absolute blast getting her photos taken with Jordy. They both wore boots to match the motorcycle elopement feel, tied together with a leather jacket that said “until death do we part.” Bad. Ass. As the sun started to set, we found one final spot to watch the colors of hills change as we lost light. T and Jordy sat on the bike, curled up together taking in the perfect views and weather.

Sunset Motorcycle elopement at the Painted Hills, Oregon

After the Elopement

Once the sun was almost completely down, we turned on the bike and took some photos in front of the headlights. Everything about the day and the photos were absolutely gorgeous. This day was so creative, and I was so happy to help plan and be a part of this motorcycle elopement at the Painted Hills. Once night finally fell, T and Jordy went on one more ride on the bike around the scenic byway. I hugged them both goodbye and immediately went home to start editing these photos. Spoiler Alert: They’re some of my favorite images ever. Interested in planning your own unique elopement? Get in touch with me below and let’s chat about your ideas!

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