Considering a Smith Rock elopement? This is a popular choice among eloping couples in Bend, Oregon. This means it can definitely be a popular choice. Although, my couple chose to have a ceremony and reception somewhere more private, and then do their portraits at Smith Rock. This was the best of both worlds for them and if you’re interested in something similar for your Smith Rock, keeping reading!

About Smith Rock

Smith Rock is a state park located in Bend, Oregon. It’s known for it’ high desert vibes and striking peaks. A Smith Rock elopement is definitely a popular choice. This park is frequented by rock climbers and hikers. There are a ton of different trails and it truly is a beautiful elopement location. There’s a river that cuts through the valley, trails up to the top of the peaks, and winding paths through some high grass.

The Elopement at Smith Rock

Emily and Samuel had a gorgeous elopement at Smith Rock. Or rather, they had a blast getting bride and groom portraits there after having an elopement ceremony and reception somewhere more private. They had a ceremony on land that their family owned. It was beautiful and they read vows to one another in front of their families. Following that, dinner was served. Their friends and family all helped to cook a traditional Hispanic dinner.

Once these celebrations were done, we headed to Smith Rock. Here, Emily and Samuel had the opportunity to get some privacy and hike around. We enjoyed the beautiful views and time together and got some amazing photos. Once we finished, their wedding party joined us for some photos as well.

Things to Know About Planning a Smith Rock Elopement

A smith rock elopement is likely not going to be that intimate. You will more than likely see other photographers there. Wether they are shoots senior portraits, couples, etc. If you’re okay with this, then by all means, go for it! If you don’t think you want people rock climbing in the background of your ceremony, that’s fully reasonable too.

You always have the option of doing a sunrise or sunset ceremony to still say your vows here, but not have to deal with the crowds. There’s also hikes that are less popular than others that would have less foot traffic. If you decide to elope at smith rock, consider the season too. It is far less busy in winter, and doesn’t receive much rain or snowfall. Summer it can be incredibly hot with not a ton of a shade, and there will be tourists.

All in all, Smith Rock is an incredible location. I would highly recommend it to a couple trying to get the Oregon desert vibes. If you’re looking to plan your own elopement, get in touch with me here!

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