The calm before the Elopement 

This elopement in Snoqualmie Washington was such a great way to start off the New Year. It was also such a unique experience because I had met the couple through a close friend. We rode up to the location of the elopement about a day early. The location was a little cabin right on the river with tall mountains all around us. We got settled there and I finally got to meet Kim and Joey, and their adorable one-year-old son. The elopement itself wasn’t until the following day, so we spent the evening sitting on the porch watching the snow, drinking wine, eating Kim’s amazing spinach dip, and baking the wedding cake! It was such a fun and intimate way to form a connection with the couple prior to their elopement. I highly recommend having an elopement in Snoqualmie!

The elopement in Snoqualmie 

Kim and Joey’s day arrived the next morning. We got up early drink coffee and watch the sunrise. Once everyone was caffeinated, we started the getting ready process. There were only a few people attending the wedding, all of them being Kim and Joey’s friends from Alaska. Once everyone was ready, I took turns sneaking out the bride and groom for some portraits before they saw each other.

Everyone was set to go and the path to the ceremony location had been shoveled. The wedding party walked down the aisle with big smiles on their faces. Kim and Joey read their vows to each other, and boom, they were married. The ceremony only lasted about ten minutes. Even in that short amount of time, the words they spoke to each other were so beautifully sincere and they only had their very best friends (and me) around to see it.

We took a little break to let Kim and Joey soak in the fact that they were married, and then we ran around in the snow during sunset to get the gorgeous bride and groom portraits. They danced and laughed while the colors of the sunset made the river glow, which made for some seriously beautiful photos. Even though it was in a backyard, this elopement in Snoqualmie was gorgeous and perfect for Kim and Joey.

Intimate Reception in the Cabin 

We finished taking portraits and everyone was freezing and ready to eat. We ate dinner, cut the cake, and had some champagne. After dinner, their friend placed candles at the ceremony location. Kim and Joey went back to that spot to have their first dance, which lasted a full 30 seconds before they were both shivering and ready to be back in the warmth. The weekend and elopement were so simple, and really that’s all they needed. I truly believe elopements are the most special and unique way to celebrate love. Every couple does them so differently, it always boils down to two people, in love, spending their wedding day exactly how they want, and celebrating in a way that is meaningful to just them. If you’re interested in having an elopement in Snoqualmie, get in touch with me here or below!

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