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Sunrise is one of the best times for a Hawaii engagement session. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that the beaches are A LOT more secluded. This is important if you want privacy while you’re getting photos taken. A lot of couples don’t love the ideas of posing in front of the camera with a crowd.

Secondly, Hawaii is pretty hot. Everyone knows this. Although, it’s much cooler in the morning. Still warm enough to be comfortable in shorts or a bathing suit. But, in the early morning you won’t be sweating while getting your pictures taken. No one wants that. That’s why a sunrise Hawaii engagement session is a great way to go.

Finally, the lighting is absolutely gorgeous for photos. The soft light colors in the sky and reflecting on the ocean waves. It makes skin look soft and perfect, without the worry of direct day sun, or harsh shadows.

How to Have a Hawaii Engagement Session

north shore hawaii engagement session

First things first, you’re going to need a permit. Hawaii has gotten a lot stricter about commercial photoshoots. This is a bigger deal for weddings and elopements. Although, it’s still important to have. I’ve been stopped while shooting with couples before asking if I have my permit. The last thing you want is to plan an incredible sunrise Hawaii engagement session and then be asked to leave mid-way through.

The good news is, I’m a photographer that helps you get your permits! So no worries, I’ll send you the proper links to get everything filled out.

The second stop to planning your sunrise Hawaii engagement session is picking a location. Location research can be tough, but using app like Alltrails you can find places that are less heavily trafficked and see pictures of everything. Another part of my services is helping you find the perfect location for your engagement session. When you work with me, you get a whole list of locations based on your needs!

The Engagement Session

This couple wanted their sunrise Hawaii engagement session to be sleek and simple. They coordinated their outfits and kept a really natural look. We explored the beach taking photos in every location they liked and enjoyed watching the sun come up together. My posing strategy is prompt oriented. Therefore, you’re basically just moving around the whole time while I capture a ton of candids of you two.

Check out the photos below! And if you’re interested in your own sunrise Hawaii engagement session, let’s chat!

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