Trying to figure out where or how to elope? Maybe the idea of having an Airbnb elopement has crossed your mind? Planning even small and intimate days can be just as hard as planning a traditional wedding. Why? Because, when you choose to elope, you open yourself up to endless possibilities. Well, if you’re looking for some inspirations and ideas to get you started, you’re in the right place.

I’m going to be listing out some of the most gorgeous airbnbs for an elopement. These are scattered around the world, so read on to get some ideas rolling!

Chalet in Switzerland

Switzerland is an incredible place for an elopement. Access gorgeous hikes nearby, summer festivities in the alps, or hit the mountains and go skiing. This Airbnb is so gorgeous, the getting ready photos would be stunning. The surrounding area is also breathtaking. That being said, having an elopement here would be incredibly easy and would check a lot of boxes for any outdoor enthusiast couples which is why it made my list for the best airbnbs for an elopement. Check it out here!

Chalet in Switzerland

Villa in Mykonos, Greece

This Airbnb in Mykonos is absolutely stunning. Incredibly close to the airport, and directly on the ocean boasting beautiful views. This gorgeous pool is also screaming to host an intimate reception after your elopement ceremony. The hosts even have VIP features for events such as weddings. Some of which include things like preparing groceries for you for the week, or having an in home chef. Greece is incredible and this would be a location for the books. Read more here!

Villa in Mykonos for an airbnb elopement

Ocean Front Villa, Greece

Here’s another beachfront airbnb in Greece. This location was just too beautiful not to make the list of the best airbnbs for elopements. This home boasts a ton of piracy, but is also only a five minute walk to famous beaches. You can also access bars, restaurants, and more. This location is perfect for a couple who wants to be close to entertainment but also have privacy. There are tons of incredible locations nearby that could be used for a ceremony as well. Check it all out here!

Home in Greece for an elopement

Cabin in Iceland

I love of the idea of this cabin for an elopement. It’s fairly cheap, and the inside is adorable and unique. Not to mention, this is one of four. So if you wanted to elope in Iceland and have some friends and family join, there are multiple other cabins on this property. Wake up to views of the Skagafjörður mountains. Head into town for anything you need. Or, bathe in the natural hot spring right outside of your front door. Everyone knows Iceland is a wonderland for elopements. There are endless locations nearby for an incredibly beautiful wedding day. Read more here!

Iceland Airbnb elopement

Tiny Home in Iceland

Another Iceland home! And you can see why this is on the list of the best airbnbs for an elopement. Glass walls to look at the mountains AND the northern lights. Right from the comfort of your own (rented) home. There’s also a hot tub here and the location is simply beautiful. You could elope right here and the images would be incredible. But, as always, there is so much to see in Iceland. Get out and explore! But first, check in here.

Iceland airbnb elopement

Cottage in Iceland

This incredible three bedroom home is nestled in the valleys of Svarfadardalur. It’s only a five minute drive away from town where there are a lot of things to do and a great place to meet locals. This location comes with stunning views, a hot tub, amazing nearby hikes, and the culture of the fishing town nearby. I would highly recommend this spot to a couple who wanted adventure for their elopements, but also want to see what life is like in Iceland. Read more here!

Villa in Italy

This villa in Italy is perfect for a couple who want to mix nature with luxury. It is immersed in a centuries-old garden of typical Mediterranean trees and essences, such as olive trees, oleanders, strawberries, figs, bucanville, and broom. The pool area is gorgeous and even has a built in whirlpool. Have a ceremony on the shore, or in the gardens. Maybe an intimate reception. This Airbnb would create some insanely stunning photos. Hire me as your photographer and I’ll give you a CRAZY discount. This place is by far one of my favorites on the list of the best airbnbs for an elopement. Read more here!

Villa in Italy for an elopement

Apartment in Tulum

Tulum would be an incredible elopement location if you’re interested in the tropics. This apartment is stunning with a pool and patio that would be perfect for a romantic dinner. The hosts also include add on services like an in home chef and private driver. I love the aesthetic of this apartment, and have been obsessing over so many locations in Tulum that would be gorgeous to have a ceremony at. These are the reasons this is on my lest of the best airbnbs for elopements! Check it out!

Cute airbnb for an elopement

Home in Dominican Republic

This is another Airbnb for those of you that are longing for a tropical getaway for your elopement. This location would be a perfect one if you were interested in having a reception. Pool party, anyone? This airb also provides extra services like drivers, grocery delivery, breakfasts, lunches, etc. Casa Phil is a three-minute walk from ‘las ballenas’ beach (beach bars/restaurants, lounge chairs, sailing club) and is located in the quiet, exclusive neighborhood of Loma Bonita, a five-minute drive to the city center. Read more about it here!

Villa in Costa Rica

This place is freaking incredible. Get a jungle experience all while staying in a luxurious home with a sauna, gym, infinity pool, and beach access. Costa Rica has countless locations that would be perfect for an adventure elopement. Wether you want something in the jungle or near the water, or both, you have easy access to both of those options. This home being a jaw dropper makes it an even better choice to have your elopement in Costa Rica. Wanna read more? Click here.

Home in Joshua Tree

Joshua tree has become a popular place for elopements over the years. With the beautiful palms, cactus, spring bloom, and of course, Joshua trees, it’s quite the unique and beautiful place. This home is located in Yucca Valley and has its very own Joshua Tree’s on the property. Get your own private space to see these rare beauties. The home itself is stunning. There is something about that pool that has me dying inside (in the good way.) I think I woulda actually pay to document someone’s elopement here. And that’s why it is on my life of the best airbnbs for an elopement. Check it out!

Villa in Jamaica

This home in Jamaica is located directly on treasure beach. This is a perfect home for a couple who wants privacy but also enough room if you’d like to host an intimate reception. The outdoor pool and patio would be a gorgeous location for something like this, especially considering the ocean views. The crystal clear water on the beach is exactly why this home is on the list of the best airbnbs for an elopement. Wether you want to host your ceremony there are just enjoy having this incredible ocean view all to yourself. Find out more about it here.

Cottage in Portugal

This cottage in Prtugal is located in the beautiful old town center of Salema. It’s only a couple minute walk to the beach and the incredible architecture would make for some of the most stunning bridal portraits in the world. This airbnb would be perfect for a couple wanting something small, close to a beach and town, and are interested in some editorial chic vibes for their wedding day. Spend your day exploring, then walk to a restaurant for dinner, and finally relax and watch the sunset together as a newly married couple. Read more here!

Home in Santorini

Santorini is a well known elopement destination for a reason. The rolling hills littered with white architecture is like nothing else. Couples have had there elopement ceremonies right by these buildings with sweeping views of the ocean. There’s also always so much more to explore in Greece, including tons of incredible views and hikes. This location even has a pool! I love this location which is why it made it to on my list of the best airbnbs for an elopement! As always, read more here!

The Best Airbnb’s for an Elopement!

Thanks for reading about my favorite airbnb’s for an elopement! I love helping my eloping couples find the best location possible for their wedding day. If you’re interested in planning your own elopement and are looking for a rad photographer to help you plan and document your day, let’s chat!

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