Couple looking at waterfall during adventure elopement in Oregon.

This adventure waterfall elopement in Bend, Oregon, was absolutely amazing. Steelheads falls is a popular hiking trail located in Central Oregon. It’s known for its beautiful turquoise tones and being a place where visitors swim and cliff jump. For Khiana and Greg’s waterfall elopement, we visited Steelhead in early spring at sunset. One of the best ways to avoid crowds in popular destinations is to visit during the off-season or arrive around sunrise or sunset.

I met Khiana and Greg in the parking lot of Steelhead falls before their elopement. They finished getting ready together in the parking lot before we left to hike the canyon down to the waterfall. As we hiked down towards the river, we got beautiful views from above during golden hour and stopped to take photos along the way. We spent the time hiking, talking about their two adorable dogs, and bonding over being pet owners. This hike can get steep in spots, and Khiana was wearing heels. Greg helped her get down the large rocks which made for some pretty adorable photos. I would absolutely recommend this spot for anyone else looking to have an adventure waterfall elopement.

Waterfall Elopement Ceremony

We finally reached the falls and turned on some music. Greg and Khiana looked amazing, there was only one other small group of people at the falls. This group packed up and moved further down the river so that Khiana and Greg could get some unobstructed views and gorgeous photos. It ended up being an amazing place for an adventure elopement. We had privacy and there were so many spots to explore. It was a short and beautiful ceremony. After their vows, Khiana and Greg popped some champagne, laughing about how hard of a time they had uncorking the bottle.

We watched the sunset together while Greg and Khiana told me their plans for their upcoming reception at Aspen Hall. Bend, Oregon, is such a great place for adventure elopements. You can easily find a location to explore and have a ceremony, and plan a budget-friendly reception in town! This is an awesome way to have the best of both worlds by being able to elope, and also include friends and family.

Plan your own Oregon elopement!

Interested in planning your own waterfall adventure elopement? Oregon has so many gorgeous waterfalls located throughout the state. Steelhead falls in only a two-mile hike and is incredibly gorgeous. There are so many more options in places such as Bend, Oregon, The Umpqua National Forest, Deschutes National Forest, Mt. Hood National forest, and more! Get in touch with me here or click below to start dreaming up your own waterfall elopement. Thinking about where to stay when eloping in Oregon? Check out my favorite Airbnb’s for an Oregon elopement!

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