If you’re thinking about eloping in Oregon, Portland isn’t a bad place to start your research. It’s one of the most well-known cities in the state. So maybe you’re wondering where to elope near Portland? This state is vast and diverse. There are amazing and totally different options all over Oregon. But let’s start with what’s near Oregon’s biggest hubs.

Some couples want to elope near a city to enjoy some fine dining after their ceremony. Others want to reserve a fancy hotel. No matter the reason, eloping near a city can open your day up to a ton of possibilities and the best of both worlds with nature and culture.

Elopement locations in Portland

Hoyt Arboretum – 12 miles of hiking trails within dense tall trees, just minutes from Downtown Portland. Hoyt would be an incredible place to elope near Portland. There are so many different places to explore within the park, it’s easier than you would think within a city to actually find some privacy here.

Washington ParkWashington Park, AKA, the Rose Gardens. Elopements in this location are insanely gorgeous. There are tons of rose bushes always blooming with brilliant colors, giving an amazing backdrop to any wedding day. There’s also room within the park to walk around and enjoy the fresh air, or set up a picnic after your ceremony. This has become a popular spot for elopements, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a location with a bit more adventure, I wouldn’t recommend this location. Although, if you’re expecting a quick ceremony and are simply looking for a gorgeous location to say your vows, then this is the location for you.

Leach Botanical Garden – 16 miles of hiking through a botanical garden, right outside of Portland. When considering where to elope near Portland, I highly recommend this location if you’re not looking to leave the city but still want it to have incredible views and the feeling of being deep within nature. Being in Leach Botanical Garden is like walking around a maze littered with different types of plant species.

Forest ParkForest Park is well known as a scenic backdrop to the city. Loaded with 80 miles of trails, it’s easy to forget you’re even in the city at all. This park is one of the largest urban parks in the entire country. Come here to experience a Pacific Northwest Forest without actually even leaving Portland.

Couple eloping at a park near Portland

Where to elope Near Portland

Let’s dive into the good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love finding beauty and parks within cities, but I’m mountain mama at heart. So I’m going to go over some of my favorite places to elope near Portland which are a bit further outside of the city. Get a cozy Oregon Airbnb in the woods and check out these amazing National Forests, parks, and beaches.

Mt. Hood National Forest – This is a no-brainer, but it has to be said. Mt. Hood National Forest has so many incredible opportunities for elopement locations. Timberline Lodge actually has specific packages for elopements and intimate weddings if you want something beautiful, in the mountains, but also elegant with a lot of the planning work done for you. You have Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, a beautiful mountainside location with alpine slides! Trillium Lake for my privacy and reflections of Mt. Hood on the lake. The options here are really amazing, and I highly recommend it if you’re trying to find out where to elope near Portland.

Elopement locations near Portland. Couple saying their vows in Mt Hood National Park

Elopement locations near Portland continued

Tillamook State Forest – Filled with dense greenery, mossy trees, waterfalls, rivers, and ridges, the Tillamook State Forest is a special place to consider having your elopement. It’s only about 40 miles west of Portland and is over 300,000 acres of space. If you’re a lover of cheese and ice cream, the town of Tillamook would be another great place to check out during your elopement. Ice cream over a wedding cake any day.

Oregon’s Northern Coast – Pacific City, Cannon Beach, Cape Kiwanda, Rockaway beach, there are a ton of incredible options for your elopement near Portland. Cannon Beach has become an iconic destination to visit. It’s famous for the views it boats of Haystack Rock, a huge Sea Stack you can see the moment you pull up to the beach. Cape Kiwanda is my personal favorite out of these. It’s a bit less popular than Cannon Beach but equally as beautiful. It also has its own big Sea Stack, a perfect backdrop to a coastal ceremony. Although, you can also hike to the top of a sandy cliff to get insane views of the ocean.

Bride at Canon Beach, elopement location near Portland.

The Columbia River Gorge – There are over 90 waterfalls located within the Columbia River Gorge. So, if you’re chasing waterfalls, this is a pretty great place to start. The Columbia River Gorge is only 20 minutes away from Portland. That being said, if you’re trying to find out where to elope near Portland, this option is perfect. The hikes in the gorge range from short and incredibly easy, to longer and a bit more demanding, so this area meets the needs of a lot of different couples. There are even bike trails here!

Waterfall in Columbia River Gorge

The best places to elope near Portland!

There you have it, these are all of my favorite elopement locations near Portland. There is obviously always more to be discovered. Portland is also incredibly close to the border of Washington and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Whether you want to elope right inside of Portland, or you’re looking for the perfect location just outside of the city, these are all great options. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting elopements at quite a few of these incredible locations, so I can personally vouch for them.

Looking for so help planning your own elopement or intimate weddings? Let’s chat! I’m a photographer who is committed to not only documenting your elopement but helping you dream it up and make it happen.

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