This dreamy elopement at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah was one for the books. This place looks like another dimension. The ground is made out of well, salt. It’s white and vast with mountains as a backdrop. The Salt Flats is 12 miles long and 5 miles wide. You’re also able to drive on them and go to a totally private spot, which is perfect for an elopement. The sunsets are also absolutely insane here, the ground pretty much reflects all of the colors and it feels like standing inside of the sunset itself. If you want to know how to elope at the Salt Flats and see an example of an awesome ceremony here, read on!

Brynlee and Tucker’s Salt Flat Elopement

I met up with Brynlee and Tucker on the Salt Flat Speedway (also known as Leppy Pass Road.) They finished getting ready by their car before their Salt Flat elopement, and we walked onto the flats in search of a perfect location far away from anyone else. I documented them holding hands and walking across this insane landscape, joking the entire way. We found the perfect spot for their ceremony and took a few more photos waiting for fur the sun to set just a bit more.

The Ceremony

Brynlee and Tucker said private vows to each other for around ten minutes. They are planning to have a bigger reception in Salt Lake City with their friends and family. This Salt Flats elopement was their way of saying their vows to each other in a completely private and beautiful way (and in a beautiful place.) Their photos turned out absolutely amazing. If you’re wondering how to get your photos to look as adorable and fun as theirs, (besides having a salt falts elopement) I have two suggestions for you: 1.) Act like total dorks. Brynlee and Tucker had so much fun with the poses and were cracking jokes the entire time. 2.) Embrace the crazy. There was INTENSE wind at the Salt Flats this day, around 40mph. They didn’t cancel, and they had a blast with it. This is why her hair looks so majestic.

How to have a Salt Flat Elopement


So How do you elope at the salt flats? First things first, make sure to take care of any permits you might need for your plans. Permits can depend on a few things, and it’s always best to check with the local forest service or BLM offices to see exactly what they require. You can do that here!

Driving Instructions

I mentioned earlier that you can in fact drive on the Salt Flats. This is true, but you need to avoid doing so when it’s raining or flooded. Obvious right? No. People get stuck all of the time. The edges of the flats also turn more into “the mud flats.” So drive directly off of the speedway and don’t go near the mud. This happens a lot when people drive directly off of the Highway instead of going to Leppy Pass Rd.

What to Wear at the Salt Flats

The Salt Flats are, get this, totally flat. If you’re looking to have an adventurous elopement but still look super glamorous, A salt flat elopement is for you. It’s easy to wear whatever heels, dress, or suit that you want. My only suggestion would be to not sit down directly on the salt (or at least not until you’re almost done with your photos.)

Vendors for you Salt Flat Elopement

Vendors can many any elopement come to life, and salt flats elopement is like starting with a blank canvas. Again, it’s white salt for literal miles. Do vendor research and find people who are going to bring your idea to life. Most vendors travel for weddings. This includes me, if you love these photos and want some of your own, you can have a consultation with me here!

Lodging Near the Salt Flats

Finally, if you’re coming from out of town to elope at the salt flats, or just want some awesome lodging to make your day even more special, you have to find a place to stay. The Salt Flats are located in Wendover, Utah. Whereas the Flats themselves are gorgeous, Wendover is not as romantic. The good news is that Salt Lake City is only about an hour and a half away. If you’re looking into lodging and want some awesome options, check out this list of my favorite Airbnb’s for elopements in Utah! These are all my tips on how to elope at the Salt Flats and have an amazing time like Brynlee and Tucker!

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