This Cascade lake engagement in Bend was absolutely amazing. Engagement sessions are so much fun for so many reasons. My photography packages disclude any time constraints, so it really gets the couple comfortable and we have plenty of time to adventure, listen to music, and have a drink at sunset. This was a perfect day shooting at Sparks Lake in Bend Oregon. It is one of the many options here along the Cascade Lakes Highway. You could pretty much throw a dart at a map of Bend and find somewhere gorgeous.

Sparks Lake 

Chloe and Dayne actually picked me up and we drove to the location together. We found the perfect spot in front of the mountains. The entire evening flew by! We were shooting in golden hour as the sun went down, and did piggyback rides into the sunset. We adventured all around the lake and found a few different spots to shoot. The lake is so shallow it was lightly frozen over, so the colors of the sunset were brightly reflecting off of the ice.

After a bunch of dancing, running, and adventuring, we finally popped a bottle of champagne. Following that, we skipped some rocks over the icy lake and watched the rest of the sunset. The weather and fall colors, (and the awesome couple) made this a cascade lake engagement.

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