This couple decided to have a wedding at a DIY Oregon in Venue. And it was awesome. When Megan and Josh first contacted me, they told me that they had a friend with some property. They wanted to convert it into an intimate wedding venue! I had no idea what the property looked like, but considering everything in Oregon is beautiful, I expected it to be a pretty space. WOW, this place ended up being absolutely gorgeous.

Getting ready

There are two cabins on the property. They’re about a half-mile apart. One used for the bride, and the other for the groom. I documented both the bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready, and once everyone looked handsome and charming, we prepared to set up the first look. There was a river that runs through the property that split it in half. The ceremony was set up to be on the other side of the river, and there was a small bridge beautifully decorated. This is where I decided the first look should be. I brought Megan out to Josh, and when he saw her he couldn’t hold back the tears. They decided not to kiss until the ceremony, so they put their heads together and just held each other. The ceremony at a DIY wedding venue

After the first look, we spent some time getting some photos of the wedding party. After that, the ceremony started. Megan and Josh read some beautiful vows. They were so unique to them and they had both of their families in tears. They were too cute, bouncing with excitement waiting for the moment that they were declared husband and wife. When they finally were able to kiss, it was such an endearing moment. It felt and looked as if for that moment, they just tuned out everything in the world besides one another. They ran down the aisle hand in hand back to the cabin.

The Reception 

We got some family photos of everyone together and then headed to the reception. This was easily my favorite part of this DIY venue. The reception space was totally hidden, and to get to it you have to walk down this little path in the woods that opened up to a ton of tables, strung-up lights, and a dance floor. I could not believe all of this was just in the middle of the woods, it felt like a wedding for woodland creatures. Megan and Josh cut their cakes and did their dance, and then snuck off with me so we could get them some photos (and some privacy.)

Wrapping up the DIY wedding

All in all, it was an absolutely perfect day. Every time something went slightly wrong with the schedule, Megan and Josh didn’t care. The day was about them. No stress, just love. Once the majority of their guests were gone, we pulled up the car to the reception space to set up a sparkler send-off. They ran through their friends and family, stopping to kiss along the way and jumped in their car, and headed to the coast for their honeymoon. If you’re thinking about having a wedding at a DIY venue, I totally recommend it! You can get in touch with me here to get started!

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