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Having your elopement in Mt. Rainier is objectively a good idea. I truly feel there’s no way to go wrong here. Mt. Rainier National Park has something for everyone. Wether you’d like to do an extreme hike, or get stunning mountain views minutes after exiting your car. Mt. Rainier has meadows, wildflowers, lakes, glaciers, and more.

If you feel stuck between wanting multiple types of scenery, Mt. Rainier is a great choice for your elopement. There’s gigantic mossy trees and a suspension bridge on this easy trail. This gives off that kind of moody PNW vibe. Then you have the Paradise visitor center, endless wildflowers and lakes that are dreamy af. Here’s a list of trails that leave from the Paradise Center to get an idea of what you’re working with. These areas are just the beginning of what Mt. Rainier has to offer, though. This is why I continuously say having your elopement at Mt. Rainier is nothing short of an amazing idea.

tipsoo lake ceremony

About Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier is an active volcano filled with iconic hiking destinations, waterfalls, wildlife, and places you only ever imagined in your dreams. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but this is one of my favorite parks. As a photographer who has shot in National Parks all over the country, I feel confident saying elopements at Mt. Rainier are some of my favorites.

Mt. Rainier would be fantastic for a camping elopement, or an extravagant picnic set up. Or, maybe you want something that would be suitable for a reception and guests. There are a ton of Airbnb’s nearby in Packwood, Randle, and Ashford. There are also some actual event venues you could consider renting out too if you had more than 20 guests attending.

reception in mt rainier national park

The Elopement at Mt. Rainier

Lauren and Nate’s elopement day at Mt. Rainier blew my mind, even though I helped plan so much of it. This day was perfect. The weather, the views, their guests, their vows, all of it. Lauren and Nate rented out a few Airbnb’s. Two for their friends and family, and another for them that also ended up being their reception space.

Lauren got ready at the Airbnb her family was staying at. We got some gorgeous first look photos, and then got ready to head to our first location. Everyone piled into a few different rental cars, and we were off to Tipsoo Lake. This is where Nate and Laurens elopement ceremony in Mt. Rainier took place. Their guests made a small circle around the couple and their officiant, and they said their vows. We took some family photos, and then headed back to the reception.

Seattle Stunning Events did an incredible job of preparing the reception space, plating, florals, and also served an incredible plated dinner. Toasts were shared at the table, and then we cut the cake. Next, we were off to our big hike.

elopement in mt rainier national park at sunset

Bridal Photos in the Mountains

For this section of the elopement in Mt. Rainier, it was just me, Nate, and Lauren. The couple knew that they wanted to include their friends and family, but also have some solo time together. We picked a hike that was only about four miles. But sheesh, this one was pretty steep. Nate and Lauren hiked in their wedding gear. Lauren is absolutely crushing it, even in her big wedding dress, while I’m panting in the back with my camera gear.

We got some incredible photos hiking up the mountain, complete with peaks and light flares. Once we finally got to the top, we got a 360 view of Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. St. Helens. We listened to music and had a blast shooting throughout golden hour until sunset. We got some final photos as the sky turned pink and blue. Then, we headed back down to the mountain as to not have to hike in the dark. Nate and Lauren were already reflecting on their elopement in Mt. Rainier and how stoked they both were.

Looking to plan your own elopement in Mt. Rainier? Let’s chat! I’m here from start to finish to help you plan, location scout, create a timeline, and get your permits all before documenting your elopement day.

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