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An elopement at Elk Lake is a really great middle ground between being out in nature, and having an established location for getting ready, lodging guests, the ceremony, and even the reception at a low cost. A lot of couples planning elopements will choose to get married in a National Forest, or National Park. Some of them have a reception outside, possibly at an Airbnb, or use homes or property of friends and family.

This being said, an Elk Lake elopement provides a lot of essentials if you want a gorgeous location and have everything set up and ready to go.

ceremony at elk lake elopement

About Elk Lake

Elk Lake is one of the 17 lakes on the Cascades Lakes Scenic Byway in Bend, Oregon. It boasts beautiful views of Mt. Bachelor, just across the lake from the ceremony location. When choosing to have an Elk Lake elopement, you will have to work with the staff they have on hand. The food options are provided by Elk Lake, and so is the day-of coordinator. There are multiple cabins on the property. These cabins are perfect for getting ready locations, and lodging guests!

The reception area can be set up with a tent, dance-floor, and tables. There’s also another small cabin where they serve alcohol if you choose to include that in your wedding day.

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The Elopement at Elk Lake

Danielle and Lance love Mt. Bachelor. Apart of the reason they picked Elk Lake for their elopement was because of the incredible mountain views. They also truly just wanted a casual summer day where their guests could relax and enjoy some sunny weather on the lake. Especially since all of their guests are from Texas and aren’t used to the views in Oregon.

With that being said, the day went a bit differently than planned. We had a very late winter. Additionally, we had some rain. Or a lot of rain, rather. Danielle and Lance made the absolute best of it. The florals that decorated the ceremony space looked gorgeous against the moody PNW fog. It was only a slight drizzle during the ceremony. Finally, during the reception the clouds parted and we saw a beautiful rainbow on the lake. The rest of the day was filled with sunshine and celebration.

elk lake elopement ceremony space

Things to Know About Planning an Elopement Here

Generally speaking, Bend Oregon is a pretty dry place. Despite us having a rainy day for this June elopement, I would typically say Bend is a safe bet if you’re trying to avoid rain. An Elk Lake elopement day 9 times out of 10 will be dry and cool. The pictures below obviously show that isn’t true 100% of the time. Although, Bend is barely humid at all. So when it does rain, it normally passes quickly and never feels super muggy.

Elk Lake is about 50 minutes to an hour outside of Bend. If you plan on hosting an after party, there are a few things to consider. Will your guests be driving themselves? Or will you hire someone to shuttle your guests in and out of town? There isn’t much parking at Elk Lake, so typically a shuttle is the best bet.

On a sunny day, you can totally rent out things like sup boards and enjoy the water with your guests! This is an awesome perk to have an Elk Lake elopement in the summer time. Finally, it’s a breathtaking location. In the summer we can see wildflowers, the mountains, and enjoy being in the sun without it being blazingly hot. If you’re considering having an elopement at Elk Lake, let’s chat! I’m an elopement photographer splitting my time between Bend, Oregon and Bellingham Washington! I would love to help document your incredible day.

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