winter elopement in Mt. Hood

This winter elopement in Mt. Hood, Oregon, looks like it came directly out of a Disney movie. Frozen, to be exact. Winter elopements certainly aren’t for everyone, but Kristina had always dreamed of eloping in the snow. Well her dream absolutely came true, since it was more like a blizzard. The day before their winter elopement in Mt. Hood, it had snowed all day long. I had to figure out how exactly I was going to make the two-hour drive to their Airbnb. Lucky for me, the road opened just a few hours before I left.

When I arrived, Kristina was finishing up getting ready for their Mt. Hood winter elopement. She looked absolutely magic. Her kids greeted me and were thrilled to watch their mom marry their dad (aw.) This Airbnb had a big backyard with a river running through it, and a little bridge that lead to a perfect spot right beside the water. This is where their ceremony took place.

The Winter Elopement Ceremony

Kristina and Daniel had about 7 guests at their winter elopement in Mt. Hood. Their kids, and a few others. Everyone lined up outside at the ceremony area waiting for the bride and groom to arrive. Right as the ceremony started, the snow began dumping on us. It was so incredibly beautiful. Kristina walked up to meet Daniel and handed her bouquet to her best friend. Their ceremony was about 15 minutes, and somehow no one seemed to be cold at all.

After saying their vows, they were pronounced husband and wife. Naturally, we went inside and popped a ton of champagne (sparkling apple cider for the kids.) It’s a smart move to have a nice warm place to retreat to when having a winter elopement. They made some toasts and cut their cake. The cake matched Kristina’s bouquet. Everything about the day was intimate and all of the details were beautiful.

Once we were all warmed up and the marriage licenses were signed, we went off to take pictures. We started with family photos with the kids and finally ended with just Kristina and Daniel. Their winter elopement in Mt. Hood was perfect for them, and the photos were breathtaking. I don’t know if it was the icy blue water or the bright red florals against the snow. All I do know is, for those brave enough to have a winter elopement, I can say they are absolutely dreamy. Interested in your own winter elopement in Mt. Hood? Get in touch with me here!

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