alabama hills elopement

This Alabama Hills elopement was gorgeous and snowy. Normally, when you google Alabama Hills, it gives off a warm summer time vibe. This couple didn’t have that experience. We knew we wanted to shoot here, and thought that late march would be a solid bet in southern California. Turns out we thought wrong. We ended up actually hitting a snowstorm. Getting here in that weather was seriously tricky. But, well worth it, as you can see from the photos.

About Alabama Hills

alabama hills

Alabama Hills has gotten a lot more popular in recent years, esepcaiilly for Alabama Hills Elopements. Not only because of it’s striking scenery, but it’s close to a ton of other incredible places such as Mammoth Lakes. It’s always well known for “Movie Road.” Movie Road is a stretch in Alabama Hills where over 70 different movies have been shot. So if we have any movie buffs in the house, that’s an interesting flair to this location. That aside, the snowy peaks and things like natural arches make this place an out of this world location. The star-gazing at night is also phenomenal. It’s obvious why an Alabama Hills elopement is such a good choice.

The Elopement at Alabama Hills

Alabama hills elopement

This couple chose the Mobius Arch Loop Trail for their elopement location. This is a short hike with stunning views along the way. It can be pretty popular in summer. Which is something to think about. Crowds aren’t always the best for intimate elopements. Since we shot in winter, there wasn’t anyone else there. Which was incredible. The bride and groom did get pretty cold. So, if you’re thinking about doing this in winter, bring warm jackets!

The Elopement at Alabama Hills was lovely. Their ceremony took place on the arch. This created such striking images. After that, the couple explored for more photos. The sun was starting to set, and it’s impossible to have a bad backdrop in this location.

Things to Know About Planning a Alabama Hills Elopement

If you’re thinking about your own Alabama Hills elopement, here’s some things to consider. As I’ve touched on, it’s pretty dang cold here in winter. And the roads can be tough. Either covered in snow, or extremely muddy. We hit a lot of snow and ice, and then THICK mud. I was feeling very lucky to have a Subaru in that moment. In summer, it can be crowded with campers. There’s a lot of room for camping, and there’s people basically everywhere.

So if you’re considering an Alabama Hills elopement, Fall might be the best time of year. Dry roads, no snow, less people, the stars will be beautiful and it won’t be nearly as hot outside! Alternatively, if you want a summer elopement, try to a pick a less trafficked trailhead or have your ceremony at sunrise or sunset.

Planning your own elopement? Let’s chat! I help plan, get permits, and then document your day together!

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