Elopement iin Saguaro Forest

This was an extremely lucky time of year for an elopement in the Saguaro Forest. Arizona had gotten a ton of rain during early March, so by the time we were there, Arizona was experiencing super bloom. If you don’t know what a super bloom is, it refers to a mass amount of wildflowers sprouting up after a rainy season. The yellow flowers and Saguaro cacti were the most gorgeous backdrop for an elopement. If you’re thinking you might be interested in an elopement in the Saguaro Forest, read on!

About Saguaro Forest

Elopement in Arizona

So, this isn’t technically a real place. There’s the Saguaro National Forest, which is incredible. Although, National Parks have a tendency to be extremely crowded. Ilana and Sasha wanted the landscape without all of the people. Knowing that, I did some research. Turns out, just south of the National Park, there is BLM land. These acres of land are covered in Saguaro cactus. So many of them, that it got the nickname “Saguaro Forest.” Upon discovering this location, the couple decided to have their elopement in the Saguaro Forest.

The Elopement

Elopement in Saguaro National Forest during superbloom

There were a ton of gorgeous locations all over this BLM land for Sasha and Ilana’s elopement in the Saguaro Forest. Although, Sasha wanted to take his car backloading. The couple decided that they were going to off-road through some mud and have fun finding their location that way. Once we got to a beautiful flower covered location with a mountain in the background, we stopped. The couple spent their day doing normal things they love to do together. Then, they said their vows in the Arizona super bloom. We took their bride and groom photos, which are incredible by the way, until the sun went down.

Things to Know About Planning a Saguaro Elopement

Like I previously mentioned, The Saguaro National Park is a great choice. Ilana and Sasha just their elopement in the Saguaro Forest for privacy and adventure without the crowds. If you’re thinking you might want to elope here, here are some things you should know! First of all, there aren’t as many “real” hikes. It’s still easy to walk around and explore. Although, there are jumping cholla. Cholla is a kind of, cactus like tree. They look like cactus balls. They fall on the ground and you hardly notice them. But their pickers are longer than they look. So step too close, and they latch on.

Outside of that, Arizona elopements (such as an elopement in the Saguaro Forest are best to be had in the spring or fall. Unbeknownst to most people who don’t live in the desert, the desert is still crazy cold in the winter. Especially at night. Most couples like to shoot around sunset, and you don’t want to be caught off guard freezing your booty off. Summer, on the other hand, is what you would expect. Blazing hot with mailboxes melting all around the state. That being said, spring and fall are lovely!

If you’re looking to plan your own elopement in the Saguaro Forest, reach out! I create customized location lists for couples, help them obtain their permits, find vendors, and make a day of timeline. Let’s chat!

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