This elopement at Corona Arch was absolutely amazing. Did you know the best arch in Moab isn’t in Arches National Park? Arches National Park is absolutely beautiful but insanely crowded. I had visited and loved seeing all that it had to offer. Miranda and Matt didn’t want to be around that many people for their elopement, so we did some research and discovered Corona Arch. You would be surprised how many people are deterred by a two-mile hike. Not only that, but this arch is GIGANTIC. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. The rest of the landscape is also jaw-dropping, it was the perfect spot. I highly recommend having an elopement at Corona Arch. Here is an example of a couple that did, and how to elope at Corona Arch yourself!

Getting to the Arch

We hiked up to the ceremony location and the entire hike was beautiful. Miranda and Matt wanted to enjoy the hike and then change into their wedding gear when we reached the top of the hike. Once we got there, they changed in a separate area and did a first look. Miranda wanted to try her hand and taking more “serious” photos so they had a fashionable look to them. They were doing their elopement at Corona Arch completely their way. This always resulted in a few gorgeous stoic images and then the couple bursting out in laughter. The couple also loves dogs and don’t have one of their own, and invited me to bring mine. My pup posed in a few images with them and it was absolutely adorable.

The Ceremony at Corona Arch

We hiked over to Corona Arch after taking some photos for Matt and Miranda to say their vows. Their ceremony was lit with the last bit of light bouncing off of the canyon walls all around them. Their ceremony lasted ten about ten minutes, and there wasn’t a single other person there. After the ceremony, we took a short break and eat some food and take in the views. We wanted to get a few more photos during sunset. Every single moment and picture was absolutely gorgeous. Having an elopement at Corona Arch was perfect for this couple. It was a totally peaceful environment, extremely beautiful, and we had so much fun.

How to Elope at Corona Arch


So How do you elope at Corona Arch? First things first, make sure to take care of any permits you might need for your plans. Permits can depend on a few things, and it’s always best to check with the local forest service or BLM offices to see exactly what they require. You can do that here!

What to Wear

This hike is only about a mile each way, but it can be pretty rocky. There are also two spots where you need to go up a ladder. This definitely might not be the easiest place to wear heels and a tight dress. I would recommend either changing once you’ve reached the viewpoint of Corona Arch, or wear fairly loose and comfortable wedding gear.


Vendors can many any elopement come to life, and salt flats elopement is like starting with a blank canvas. Again, it’s white salt for literal miles. Do vendor research and find people who are going to bring your idea to life. Most vendors travel for weddings. This includes me, if you love these photos and want some of your own, you can have a consultation with me here!

Lodging near Corona Arch

If you’re looking into where you should stay to elope at Corona Arch, Moab is a great place to start. If you don’t mind driving a few extra hours and want to explore other parts of Utah, you can also find lodging in Salt Lake City, Park City, Hurricane, and other towns in the state. Check out this list of my favorite Airbnb’s for elopements in Utah! These are all my tips on how to elope at Corona Arch and have an amazing time like Miranda and Matt!

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