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If you’re looking for a stunning place for your bend engagement photos, you can stop your searching journey with Bend, Oregon. With incredible and diverse landscapes, it’s easy to have your backdrop be a waterfall, desert terrain, mountains, or even alpine lakes.

Not only that, but you can choose to hike to your location, or if your prefer, find an easy but still stunning park and walk in location. This specific Bend engagement session was exactly that. This couple wanted to bring along a picnic, as well as their pups. They wanted something easy to access considering all they were carrying

Mountain View Engagement Session in Bend, Oregon

indian ford meadows

This is one of my absolute favorite spots in Bend, Oregon, as it is a bit of a hidden gem. There are a lot of places to get stunning views of the three sisters mountains, but a lot of them are only accessible in spring and fall due to their high elevation.

Since this Bend engagement session took place in February, we had to search for a walk in location at lower elevation. Luckily, I’ve been a Bend resident for three years and knew just the spot. This location doesn’t seem like much at first. You simply park on the side of the road and see a dirt path. Although, if you follow that path for less than a two minute walk, it curves towards one of the best mountain view spots in the state.

Bend Engagement Session Props

engagement session in Bend Oregon

Engagement sessions don’t just have to be staring into a camera and trying to re-create Pinterst poses. I always tell my couples that they should turn their photo sessions into a date. There are many ways to do this. For this Bend engagement session, Jude and Matt chose to have a picnic, followed by taking their dogs on a walk.

Another reason this is so important, is because you can’t always rely on JUST the location to do the heavy lifting for you to create beautiful photos. On this day, we were expected to have a bright sunny day with warm weather. Alas, weather does what it wants. There was a dusting of snow on ground, and thick clouds covering the majority of the mountains. That being said, this Bend engagement session was still one of my favorites. Turning it into a fun date truly captured Jude and Matt’s relationship and created completely unique photos.

The Engagement Photo Results

Indian Ford Meadows engagement session

If you’re looking for photos like this, or to set up your own Bend engagement session, let’s chat! I’m a full time elopement and couples photographer. Not only do I photograph these sessions, but I help you set them up. I’ll help you find the perfect location, get permits, and come up with ideas to turn it into a unique experience for you and your parter. Check out the bend engagement session photo results below.

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