crouching lion engagement session

Crouching Lion is an incredible place for an engagement session. Well, if you like hiking. Or possibly hiking up a steep dirt path that turns into mud when it rains. Personally, I’m a big hiker and love a trail that has a bit more challenging terrain. Although, if you don’t like grasping onto tree roots to hold yourself up in a fight against gravity, maybe this won’t be your favorite location option.

That being said, if you’re adventurous and up for the challenge, Crouching Lion is an incredible Hawaii engagement location. The couple I worked with this was truly gorgeous, and seriously in-shape people. Needless to say, Hawaii is full of beautiful places, but this was one of my favorites. I mean, look at it. This crouching lion engagement session in Oahu Hawaii definitely got added to my list of favorite shoots.

Catching sunset during our Crouching Lion Session

We started our hike up Crouching Lion about an hour and a half before sunset. I packed up my camera and headed to the trailhead. The trailhead is a little difficult to find. However, there are enough reviews on AllTrails to guide you if you get lost. It took us about thirty minutes to summit the hike. It’s important to note that this hike is only a mile roundtrip. In any case, it can feel a bit longer with how steep it is. Worth it? Yes.

Upon summiting Crouching Lion, the couple changed and were ready to go. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy so we didn’t get to play with that gorgeous golden hour light. However, the clouds made for a somewhat “moody” session, and the images came out beautifully. This just goes to show you, that any weather condition can lead to beautiful photos.

Anyone looking to have their engagement session at Crouching Lion? Let’s chat! I’m an elopement and intimate wedding photographer who specializes in helping couples find incredible locations, plan epic timelines and document the whole thing.

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