Alabama hills engagement session

This engagement session in Alabama Hills was striking. The couple decided they wanted to be somewhere beautiful in the mountains for their pictures. Although, they didn’t want to travel too far from their home in LA. After discussing, we decided to have their engagement session at Alabama Hills. Alabama Hills is about three hours from LA. This works perfectly for them because they were able to make the trip in one day without needing lodging. Being in a big city like LA, it’s hard to imagine being so close to incredible landscapes like this. Alabama Hills is filled with snowy peaks and natural formed arches.

Once we decided on the engagement session location, we talked about outfits. The couple decided they wanted to wear all black. This was an incredible contrast against the tan rock formations throughout the park. We also decided to have the engagement session during winter to avoid crowds and see this place covered in snow. After we decided on date, location common outfits, we simply waited for the day to come!

The Session

Alabama hills engagement session

once the couple arrive for the Alabama hills location, we got started. At first, I had to go pick them up in my Subaru Forrester because there’s car got stuck. If you’re considering Alabama Hills for your engagement session, I would absolutely consider keeping the weather in mind. Winter it is a lovely time if you’re looking to avoid crowds and like the snow. But the roads were muddy and easy to get stuck in.

After the couple was picked up, we headed to the trail head. Bear in mind, the trail wasn’t as easy to follow as usual since it was covered in snow. We definitely made a few wrong turns but turned all of those wrong turns in the happy accidents. We shot all over the place with a ton of different backgrounds. Finally, we got to the natural arch that they wanted to shoot at. Everything was beautiful and you could clearly see the moon as the sun started to set. Check out their pictures below! And if you are interested in your own an Alabama hills engagement session, reach out! I should couples all over the world and help with location scouting, permits, and much more!’

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