engagement session in Thailand

This engagement Session in Anong, Thailand was absolutely incredible. There are so many beaches to choose from when visiting Anong. Wether you want to stay local and go to Napharat Thara Beach, or grab a boat and go to one of the many islands. Speed boats can get you the famous Phi Phi Islands and others in around 45 minutes, and their incredibly cheap. I went to about five different islands for under $40 USD.

That being said, this couple chose to stay at a local beach that had beach swings. They also wanted the iconic longtail boats in the background of their shoot. This specific location also gave us incredible views of the mountains and was a short walk from the couples hotel.

The Engagement Photos in Thailand

We started off our engagement session in Thailand by going to the beach swings that the couple really wanted to see. Now, I love how these photos turned out. But I will mention that there was a TON of people. I went ahead and photoshopped them out of the pictures. So, if you’re planning to do an engagement session in Thailand in a popular location, make sure to hire a photographer who is willing to edit people out for you!

After the swings, we took photos in the water during sunset. We didn’t plan to go all the way in, but it happened and we have no regrets. Especially because there are tons of shops on the boardwalk where you can buy all new dry clothes (that are cute as heck) for around $3-$10 USD. One other thing to lookout for is Jellyfish. They do frequent the area. We didn’t have any issues, but there are signs making you aware of them.

Shooting in Thailand

Engagement session in Thailand

If you have a trip planned for Thailand, I highly recommend getting photos done while you’re there. Engagement session photos come out the absolute best when you include an activity. This is because you’re not just posing the whole time, but actually engaging each other while partaking in doing something you enjoy.

This creates stunning, candid images that actually speak to the nature of your relationship. It also takes so much pressure off of getting your photos taken and makes it an actual fun experience. If you’re interested in your own engagement session in Thailand, let’s chat! I’m an elopement photographer who travels worldwide and helps couples document and plan their entire shoot!

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