thailand pool photoshoot

This pool photoshoot in Thailand was one of my favorite sessions from my time there. Engagement sessions produce the best photos when you choose an activity to include for your shoot. This could be anything. Such as, exploring a town, going to the beach, going on a hike, trying out cafe’s, the choice is yours.

This couple wanted to take a dip in the pool at the resort they were staying at. This resort is a stunning location in Krabi, Thailand. With bungalows over the water and huge mountains in the background, I thought this would be a stunning spot for a pool photoshoot.

The Photos

thailand engagement session

We kept this pool photoshoot in Thailand pretty simple. We started by walking along the bridge over the water with the mountains behind us. Following that, we were all sweaty and ready to jump into the pool. It’s almost always in the 90’s and humid in Krabi during this time of the year. The water was warm, and was a bright green color due to the tiles the resort used.

I posed them on the sides of the pool, and on the steps since this is actually a really deep pool. Deep enough that had I gone in with them, I surely would have dunked my camera in the water. We took breaks to hydrate, and then de-hydrate with some cocktails from the pool bar.

The Cost of This Location

pool photoshoot in thailand

One of my favorite things about shooting in Thailand is how incredibly cheap it is. Fancy food and drinks were only around $3-$9 American dollars. This resort itself is a super high-end location and was around $300 for two nights. A pool photoshoot in Thailand is a super unique way to have an engagement session, and ends up being incredibly cheap.

Of course, the flights to Thailand can be pricey depending on where you’re coming from. But once you’re there, it’s so easy to really immerse yourself in lavish things for close to nothing. Even if you want an entire new outfit for an engagement session, it might cost you all of $10-$15 american dollars. Interested in planning your own engagement session? Let’s chat! I’m an elopement photographer that travels worldwide for my couples and helps them plan out their entire shoot.

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