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This snowmobiling elopement in Oregon was one of the most unique wedding days I’ve gotten to work on as a photographer. The idea came to light when Brittany and Jeremy inquired about a winter elopement. They told me that they loved getting to see amazing views, but they didn’t really want to hike on their wedding day.

Originally, I just started to consider viewpoints when thinking of a location for their elopement, as most roads that offered scenic drives and easy to access views were closed for the season. Naturally, I decided that option wasn’t good enough. I believe each couple deserves an incredible experience for their wedding day, so that’s what I crafted for them.

The Snowmobiling Elopement at Dutchman Flats

oregon winter elopement

Knowing Brittany and Jeremy didn’t want to hike, I started considering alternatives. I suddenly thought of snowmobiling as an option. I asked them if they had ever done it. They hadn’t, and neither had I. But the moment the idea was proposed, they were all in for the adventure.

The snowmobiling elopement ended up being an incredible idea for a variety of reasons. First of all, it was beyond fun. More so, we got to go to multiple gorgeous locations and best of all, wee were the only ones there. Brittany and Jeremy got to experience a totally private day in some of the most sought after views in Bend, Oregon.

Snowmobiling Elopement Timeline

snowmobiling elopement in oregon

The day started off with the couple their invited family members getting ready. Next, we drove up to the mountain with the trailer carrying our snowmobile rentals. Following that, Brittany and Jeremy did their first look. After they finally saw each other, we geared up and got on the snowmobiles for the first time and headed to Sparks Lake.

Sparks Lake is where they said their vows, having the grooms brother officiate. Once that was wrapped up, we had a bonfire and lunch to warm up, including hot chocolate toasts. There was so much to see, we went to another lake, and even went up some trails around Tumalo Mountain. All in all, the day was ten hours long and nothing short of incredible.

What to Bring to a Snowmobiling Elopement

oregon winter elopement

Let’s get this straight, you’re going to need serious layers for a snowmobiling elopement. It’s winter, you’ll be in high elevation, and snowmobiles move fast. The bride was geared up in extremely warm nude colored thermals under her dress, a big jacket, and hand warmers. The groom had on thermals under his tux, as well as waterproof booties that went over his dress shoes.

We also specifically made sure to schedule warm up times. This included a bonfire, as well as a break back at the cars to warm up. The car break was also an awesome idea since it’s always nice to be able to touch up hair, make up, refill water, and eat some snacks. Lastly, you will need snowmobiles. You don’t have to actually own them, as they are available to rent and not incredibly expensive. You can rent snowmobiles like this. Lot’s of snowmobile rentals also come with the trailer you use to move them!

The Winter Elopement in Bend, Oregon.

If you’re interested in your own snowmobiling elopement, you can chat with me here! I’lll help you plan your entire day, find locations, get permits, make you a timeline, as well as document the entire experience.

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