Couple at their Sahalie and Koosah Falls elopement

This elopement at Sahalie and Koosah Falls was a mesmerizing experience. I had no idea that this incredible location was so easy to get to. Teresa and Jacob love the deep greens and mossy wonderland that exists in the Willamette National Forest. Although, they were hoping to pick an easier hike for their elopement, and still wanted epic views. I did some research and found out all about the falls here. Upon discovering these two insane waterfalls were connected by a short 2.6-mile hike, we had a winner. Thus started our planning for Teresa and Jacob’s Sahalie and Koosah Falls Elopement.

Being an elopement photographer in Bend, Oregon, there are a ton of incredible places for micro-weddings out in nature. Although, Bend has a bit more of a high-desert vibe with a dry climate. While we still have mountains, waterfalls, alpine lakes and rivers, we don’t have much as much of that “lush green” aesthetic going on. However, the Willamette National Forest is about an hour’s drive away. This is where the falls and a ton of incredible other hikes are located. Once we decided on Sahalie and Koosah Falls for their elopement, we were beyond excited to do some extra exploring in the national forest.

Hiking to Sahalie and Koosah Falls

After driving through the mountains together, we arrived at the trailhead deep in the woods. It was sunny and warm in Bend, Oregon, but less than just an hour away over the pass, we were getting some rain and a little bit of a chill. However, Teresa and Jacob love the rain and the moody vibes of the Pacific Northwest. They were well prepared with a few layers to wear over their wedding gear, waterproof hiking boots, and a thermos filled with pre-made margaritas.

Teresa and Jacob get all dressed and ready for their Sahalie and Koosah falls elopement at the trailhead. They did a first look, took a shot of tequila, and we started our trek down the hiking trail. We made our way to Koosah falls first, stopping all over to take in the gorgeous views of the turquoise water and get some beautiful photos. T and J are a bit of a daring couple and climbed down some slippery rocks to get some epic photos in front of a ton of small waterfalls along the hike.

We finally made it to Sahalie Falls, which is where they wanted to have their ceremony. They said their vows to each other over the roaring noise of the huge waterfall. They exchanged rings, drank some more tequila, and decided they wanted to actually get on top of the waterfall. We found a path that lead us directly to the top (after climbing over some fallen trees that is.) They sat directly on the edge of the waterfalls and the rain stopped. We suddenly got a gleam a light that warmed us up and let us sit there taking in all of the views from up above.

End of the Day

Once we got some insane photos of T and J at the top of Sahalie Falls, we hiked back down. I ran ahead of the couple to get some photos of them from far away and they’re completely breathtaking. When the couple met back up with me, they were damp from waterfall mist with huge smiles. Ready to be warm again, we finally headed back to the car after a day of exploring.

I highly recommend Sahalie and Koosah Falls for your elopement if you love short hikes, moody tones, huge waterfalls, and an epic adventure. There’s a ton of other closeby things in the area if you’re looking to add even more to your elopement day. There’s Blue Pool, Cougar Hot Springs, Clear Lake, and an endless amount of hikes. Want to start planning your own Central Oregon elopement? Get in touch! I can’t wait to answer all of your questions and help you find amazing locations like this one!

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