“Can I elope at an Airbnb?

The answer is, hell yes you can! Whether you pick to elope at an Airbnb in a beautiful remote location, or one close to a national park, national forest, mountain range, or beach, any of these are amazing options. Why? People who elope generally pick the same place they want to spend their honeymoon at. Picking an Airbnb near your elopement location and all of the other things you want to see makes the trip feel like a wedding and a honeymoon. You will absolutely save money eloping over having a big traditional wedding, but you’re still getting married. Spend some of that saved wedding fund on lodging that feels unique, adventurous, and romantic. Here are my favorite Airbnb’s for California Elopements!  

Cabin Near Yosemite, California.

It’s no secret that Yosemite National Park has become an absolute hot spot for elopements. With the insane views, incredible hikes, and the most gorgeous places to say your vows, it’s a total gem. There is so much to explore in this area and a ton of activities that could be added to your elopements. Between the National Parks and National forests, this place is a gold mine for having an epic intimate wedding day.

This Airbnb would be perfect for an eloping couple to have a large and open space to enjoy getting ready, having dinner, or even celebrating with a small reception after. It can sleep up to eight guests if you’re planning on including any friends or family in your elopement plans! Check out here to get more information.

Ocean Front Home, Big Sur, California.

This is one of the best Airbnb’s for your California elopement if you are interested in eloping at Big Sur. With sweeping views of the pacific ocean, scenic drives, and gorgeous beaches, Big Sur has become an iconic spot for adventure elopements.

This Airbnb has beach access right from the backyard! This is a perfect spot for couples who want to elope and explore the beauty of Big Sur and take it with them after their day is done. Imagine waking up to the sunrise while you prepare for your big day with your partner. This Airbnb is on the smaller side and can only accommodate six guests. Consequently, it’s better suited for those who are interested in having a “just us” elopement and don’t have the desire to host a reception. To learn more about this amazing spot, click here!

Seqioua River Ranch Cabin, California

This Airbnb is located on a ranch this is a whole 380 acres. Spend your elopement exploring, hiking, and swimming on this amazing property. There are tons to do in this spectacular location, but it’s also only 15 minutes from Sequoia National Park! If you haven’t been to Sequoia, let me be the first to tell you how jaw-dropping it is. It’s a must-see. Additionally, it would also be an incredible place to have your ceremony.

This Airbnb gives you an entire cabin to yourself with miles and miles of private property. Add activities to your elopement such as boating, fishing, and climbing a 60-foot waterfall! This location is perfect for couples who want the best of both worlds with privacy in the wilderness, and access to National Parks. Adventure on and check it out here!

Cabin on the Lake in Big Bear, California

This cabin is right on the cusp of the San Bernardino National Forest. This national forest offers plenty to do, but you’re also incredibly close to the Sultan Sea and Joshua Tree. Big Bear Lake, located in the National Forest, would be an incredible spot for an elopement. There are so many options within the National Forest, and no matter where you choose to have your ceremony, this should be on the list of things to do.

The inside of this cabin is beautiful and modern. Perfect for couples with its romantic accents and open floor plan. The patio has a fire pit and a new hot tub. Imagine coming home after your day of eloping in one of the amazing parks or national forests and hiring a private chef to make you dinner. Follow that with your favorite cocktail, and a dip in the hot tub. Sound amazing? Check it out here.

A-Frame Cabin Shasta, California

This is one of the best Airbnb’s for your California elopement if you love A-frame cabins and the dreamscape that is Shasta National Forest. Not only that but this Airbnb is nestled between three other parks. Crater Lake National Park, Redwood National Park, and Lassen Volcanic National Park. Pick any one of these amazing locations for a day of breathtaking views and “I do’s”

Peak your head out of this A-frame cabin to see insane mountain views right from the patio. This would be a beautiful spot for a first look before heading off to your elopement ceremony location. I am a huge fan of these open floors plans and the big windows in these cabins. The amount of light coming in also makes it perfect for getting ready pictures and amazing portraits. Thinking about eloping here? Click that link!

Ranch Near Joshua Tree National Park, California

This location is one of my favorite on the list for the best Airbnb’s for your California elopement. Here’s why. This home is first of all, incredible, but also surrounded by a make-shift old western town. It’s surrounded by the desert and has the coolest vibes ever. If you’re into the old western theme, this property would be an amazing location all by itself. It would also make for some seriously unique photos!

Airbnb is also close to Joshua Tree National Park. This National Park is another elopement hot spot due to its unique trees and beauty. Fill your elopement timeline up with enjoying the hot tub, riding bikes, exploring the national park, and relaxing in this incredible home. Don’t forget to look at the stars through the telescope! Check it out here.

Modern Cabin in Morongo Valley, California

This cabin, seemingly made of glass, is located in the Yucca Valley. One of the best Airbnb’s for your California elopement is if you want to be somewhere totally remote with just your partner and want to spend your nights stargazing and mornings watching the sunrise.

There is a detached kitchen and bathroom just a few yards away from this stunning little home. It’s definitely a unique stay and would offer a really tranquil experience to eloping couples. This home sits on 100 acres filled with hiking trails in the high desert. Pets are allowed here with a $40.00 fee! This location is seriously incredible but has more “glamping” vibes than “luxury” vibes. If you’re looking to get that remote feel away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this Airbnb might be an awesome elopement location for you

Dome House in Palm Springs, California

This insane Dome house gives you incredible views of Joshua Tree and Coachella Valley. It’s also only 15 minutes away from downtown Palm Springs. This is the best Airbnb for your California elopement if you want it all. National Park for your elopement ceremony, an incredible place to sleep and have an intimate reception, and the nightlife of the city.

This Airbnb is outright gorgeous, between the scenery surrounding it as well as all of the homey and modern touches inside. Staying here gives another opportunity to incredible getting ready portraits with all of the natural light. Wake up to sunrise over the mountains and start your elopement day in luxury when you stay here!

Cabin in the Desert, Whitewater, California

Last but absolutely not least, this cabin in the desert. One of my favorites on the list of the best Airbnb’s for your California elopement! I’m obsessed with this house, the location, and everything it has to offer. Wake up in the morning and visit the river in the canyon, or spend your day on the abundance of hiking trails here! White Water preserve would be an incredible spot for an elopement ceremony or just a place to explore and get your bride and groom portraits!

Come home to this Airbnb after your elopement day and take a dip in the hot tub while watching the sunset over the mountains. The cabin has an amazing clawfoot tub and a ton of kitchen appliances if you and your partner want to make a fancy dinner (or hire someone to make it for you.) The choice is yours! Take a closer look here!

Thanks for reading about the best Airbnb’s for your California Elopement!

Interested in learning more about Airbnb elopements in other locations? Click here to see my list for Oregon, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington! If any of these amazing locations are calling your name, reach out! I’m an elopement photographer based in Oregon traveling worldwide for elopements and I am so excited to help you plan an epic day and help you pick out all of the best locations to see and things to do during your elopement

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