This Three Creeks Lake Elopement in Sisters, Oregon was an absolute dreamscape. Allie and Geoff picked this location for their elopement for many reasons. The first reason being, the scenery around the lake is gorgeous. The mountains serve as a beautiful backdrop to the lake, and during the summer are surrounded by tons of colorful wildflowers. The second reason is the multiple hikes nearby. Tam McArthur Ridge is an amazing hike, and the trailhead is right at the base of the lake. Once you summit this hike, it boasts unbeatable views of the Three Sisters Mountains. A perfect spot for an elopement ceremony. There are several other hikes as well, such as the two-mile hike to Little Three Creeks Lake which offers more privacy.

The Ceremony

Allie and Geoff decided to hike Tam McArthur during the day of their Three Creeks Lake elopement and have a private ceremony at the top. After they said their vows, we headed back down the trailhead just in time for golden hour. The weather was absolutely perfect, the air in Central Oregon is dry, and being high in the mountains we were cool even during the middle of Summer. We stopped back by the car so Allie and Geoff could eat some food, and shot-gun a beer. Following that, we headed down to the lake and started taking pictures. Allie and Geoff wanted to keep the photos from their ceremony private, so we had an entire second location to get amazing images of their Three Creeks Lake elopement.

We walked all around the shore of the lake, making bad jokes and telling stories while I captured the essence of their energetic and adorable relationship. They told me they really wanted the photos to feel like “them.” So instead of doing Pinterest-worthy poses, Geoff gave Allie piggyback rides and they shot-gunned another beer on the dock. As sunset started to roll around, we decided to pack up and start heading home from their Three Creeks Lake elopement.

Sunset at Three Creeks Lake

On the way out of Three Creeks Lake, there is a huge open meadow with insane views of the mountains. We decided to stop there and frolic through the flowers and get a few more shots. All three of the locations were absolute magic and looked so different. They are also were well within a five-minute drive of each other. If you’re looking for an elopement location where you can hike, kayak, find meadows of wildflowers and even camp, an elopement at Three Creeks Lake might be exactly what you need.

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