The top 30+ elopement locations in Oregon! Maybe you’re planning on eloping in Oregon and don’t live here, or simply want to see all that’s out there before you pick your ideal elopement location. As an elopement photographer, I’ve gotten to travel all of the state taking photos of couples in gorgeous places, and I’m going to go over them here.

Did you know if you hire me as your elopement photographer I actually make a customized location list for you? As well as help you curate a day of timeline and assist you in securing location permits? I do the works for my couples. If you wanna chat, reach out! But, without further adieu, here are some amazing elopement locations in Oregon!

Sparks Lake

Located just outside of Bend, Oregon, Sparks Lake is a gorgeous elopement location in Oregon. Surrounded by the sisters mountains and easily accessible. Keep in mind this location can get fairly busy in the summer. But you can always consider a ceremony early in the day or in the fall.

Sparks lake Oregon elopement location

Samuel H Boardman

Samuel H Boardman is one of the most beautiful elopement locations in Oregon. Natural bridges, rocky shoreline, and only around 10 minutes from the Oregon Redwoods! Get the best of both worlds with greenery and big trees, plus Oregons iconic coast. Oh! And there’s a natural bridge!

Samuel Boardman oregon elopement location

Oregon Redwoods

Ah, the Oregon Redwoods. Turns out their not just in California. Stand amongst these giant gorgeous trees as you say your vows. Take your photos in the lush green landscape and explore places like Jedidiah state park along the river. Alternatively, this location is only ten minutes from Samuel Boardman, the location listed above!

Redwood in oregon

Hoyt Arboretum

Hoyt is just outside of Portland, Oregon. It’s tons of trails through mossy greenery just outside of the city. The location in the picture is the redwood deck, a perfect location for an intimate wedding. This couple had around 30 guests and were even able to set up a small arch!

Hoyt in Oregon

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda is a beautiful Oregon elopement location. Cliffs, sea stacks coming out of the ocean, and a trail to get on the sand dunes to see it all. There’s also a few other beaches nearby for couples who want to check out multiple locations for their elopement!

Cape Kiwanda Oregon elopement location

Secret Beach

Secret beach requires a short hike to get to. You hike through some trees and greenery. Then, the trail opens up and you’ll find ourself standing on a rock formation. Climb down and from there you’re at the beach! If you explore further, you’ll even find waterfalls!

Secret beach Oregon elopement location

Elk Lake

Elk lake can be used as an elopement location or intimate wedding location. This lake has a location for ceremonies where you can see Mt. Bachelor, a cabin that is used as a place for jackets and serve drinks, and a large area for a reception. You can’t set up a tent to make it covered, but you can even have a dance floor and dj here. There’s also rental cabins if you’d like to host your guests or get ready at your location!

Elk Lake

Todd Lake

This lake is a beautiful elopement location in Oregon. You can see the mountains from both sides (this picture was shot on a smoky day.) In the summer, there are stunning wildflowers and the entire hike is only a mile. That being said, you can go all around the lake to get diverse elopement photos!

Todd Lake

Zig Zag Canyon

This is a hike in Mt. Hood that could be an incredible elopement location! The hike starts around timberline lodge and provides a ton of gorgeous views. Anyone considering a hiking elopement should take a look at Zig Zag canyon. The wildflowers in the summer are beautiful, and this is even apart of the Pacific Crest Trail! And those Mountain View’s can’t be beat.

Zig Zag Canyon

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood is filled with incredible elopement locations in Oregon. There are endless hikes and lakes to explore. Take out a canoe and get beautiful bridal portraits on the lake. Then, get some shots with the mountain at sunset after a day of picnicking amongst wildflowers. There are so many incredible options here! There are also a ton of incredibly cute airbnbs around to get ready in. And, this place is a snowy wonderland in winter.

Mt hood oregon elopement location

Painted Hills

Located in central Oregon, The Painted Hills are a beautiful and unique elopement location. Yes, the hills are actually these bright and vibrant colors. They get even more colorful as the evening starts to spill in. All of the trails at this national monument are short and easy. Spend your day exploring here without breaking a sweat or seeing many people, as it’s lightly trafficked.

Painted hills oregon elopement location

Blue Basin

Blue Basin is another incredible location just outside of The Painted Hills. Instead of the vibrant reds, this canyons is a blue color. This location looks like mars. An elopement here would be stunning to say the least. There are multiple trails but all of them include being surrounded by these bright blue rock formations.

Blue basin

No Name Lake

One of my favorite elopement locations in Oregon. This one is a bit of a challenging hike, so only consider it if you’re up for a fairly steep 5 mile day. Once you make it to the top, it feels like being in another world. There are multiple glacial lakes surrounding these jagged peaks. The enter hike up to the top is also incredibly gorgeous ad fun.

No Name Lake Oregon elopement location

Proxy Falls

Proxy falls is a short one mile hike that could be a gorgeous elopement location in Oregon for any and all waterfall lovers. With the hike being so short and flat, it would be easy to even have a few guests accompany you here. This hike can be popular so I recommend coming in the morning, evening, or during the fall months.

Proxy falls

Tumalo Mountain

Tumalo Mountain can be a challenging hike, but boasts some of the best Mountain View’s in Bend, Oregon. The way up is steep, but this is one of the best places to see the sunset in all of Central Oregon. If you’re looking for a ceremony location that will be fairly private and are into hiking, this would be an incredible location for you!


Black Butte

Black Butte is a more off the radar elopement location in Oregon. It’s a four mile hike round trip and is fairly steep. Once at the top, the views make you feel like you’re in the true wilderness. There isn’t an extremely heavily trafficked hike. That being said, this would be another one that’s good for couples who are trying to avoid crowds.

Black Butte Oregon elopement location

Green Lakes

This hike leads you to green lakes, a stunning elopement location in Oregon. It’s about 9 miles long and generally rated as a moderate hike. It’s a bit longer, but not too steep. This one is perfect for couples who would be happy spending a large part of their day exploring and hiking! There are a lot of ways to get to this hike, but the main trailhead can get pretty crowded. Once you’re on the actual trail, it’s long enough that you don’t see many people.

Oregon elopement location

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is located along the way to the South Sister summit. It’s a six mile hike and definitely steep. This one would be perfect for adventurers that want to wake up early, and do a hike to the lake and have a sunrise ceremony! It can get windy at the top, but the views can’t be beat.

Moraine lake oregon elopement locations

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is a lake located within the Willamette National Forest. This lake is known for scuba diving because it’s so clear and beautiful. The resort also has boat rentals, which would make for an amazing adventure and some super cute photos.

Clear lake oregon elopement locations

Cannon Beach

Cannon beach is one of the most famous beaches along the Oregon Coast. That’s because of that huge sea stack name “haystack rock.” Cannon beach can definitely get a little crowded. Although, there are a ton of amazing hotels and Airbnb’s nearby. That being said, you could stay in one and definitely do a sunrise ceremony to avoid the crowds and still get to enjoy this epic spot!

cannon beach oregon elopement locations

Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia RIver Gorge is an incredible elopement location. It’s actually much more than just one locations. There are a vast mount of different hikes and waterfalls in this area. If you’re looking for deep mossy greenery and to be surrounded by ferns, this might be the place for you. But keep in mind, it rains a lot here. There’s a pretty decent chance you could get some rain on your wedding day. Although, the rain stays fairly light most of the time.

Smith Rock

Smith Rock is a famous wonderland for climbers in Central Oregon. Although, it’s also an incredible spot for hiking and, you guessed it, elopements! This couple simply did their ceremony at the overlook on smith rock. And even though it can get quite busy here, you can’t see anyone around you when shooting at the overlook. You can also explore the different trails at the park, the views are gorgeous throughout the entire place.

smith rock oregon elopement locations

Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park is a gorgeous coastal elopement location in Oregon. Rigid coastline, waves crashing on the shore, and all the greenery from the trees makes it an iconic spot in the state. There’s trails to be explored, or you can simply relax and have a picnic set up by the amazing picnic vendors in Oregon!

Ecola state park oregon elopement locations

God’s Thumb

God’s thumb is a short hike in Oregon along the coast. It’s gods thumb because it looks like a giant thumb coming out of the ground in Lincoln City Oregon. You can get gorgeous views of the ocean, and get pictures on this unique stretch of land. This place is an incredible location for a ceremony on the coast.

Gods thumb oregon elopement locations

Silver Falls

One of Oregon’s favorite waterfalls is Silver Falls. This is such a beautiful elopement location in Oregon. You see something like 10 waterfalls and there is a quaint town as well. This is one the few places I haven’t actually been too, but it’s high on my list because I’ve heard so many things about the amazing loop. It is rated at moderate hike and is 7 miles.

Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake is an iconic elopement location in Oregon. There’s a short loop that goes all around the lake. But the biggest reason for this lakes fame is the crystal clear views of Mt. Hood. Imagine saying your vows while seeing the reflection of this beautiful mountain in the water.

Crater Lake National Park

This is Oregon’s only National Park. It is located near the Umpqua National Forest. This is a nice and easy walk up location. Although, if you want to have a ceremony here and then explore more, you can check out the hikes in the National Forest. An example of this would be Toketee Falls which is also incredibly gorgeous.

Three Creeks Lake

Three Creeks Lake is located in Sisters, Oregon. The town of sisters is small and amazing. It’s a bumpy road getting to the top, but once you’re there you can get to the lake with no hiking at all. Alternatively, if you want to hike, there are multiple short and long hikes right at the base of this lake.

Indian Ford Meadows

This is my all time favorite elopement location in Oregon. Indian Ford is another walk up location where you can park you car and enter the meadow. Once you’re there, the view opens up and you see all three of the sisters mountains staring back at you. This space is large enough that you can have an intimate ceremony and invite guests to be there with you.


Timberline lodge hosts regular weddings, but it also has elopement packages. If you’re looking to have an elopement day but not lose out on any luxury, this would be a great spot for you. Feel free to do one of the many hikes nearby and have your ceremony in one of their intimate venues! You can even host your guests here, and this place makes some incredible food.

Thanks for reading about the top 30+ elopement locations in Oregon! If you’re looking for an elopement photographer that will help you plan your wedding, reach out! I assist with location scouting, permits, and timeline! Then I’m here from start to finish to capture your day together.

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You see a stranger’s puppy & it takes everything in you not to run up & cuddle it.

Your dress gets dirt on it, and you shrug.

You think ice cream & wine is always an acceptable dinner option. Always.

You LIVE for the feeling of sunshine on your skin & wind in your hair.

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You see a stranger’s puppy & it takes everything in you not to run up & cuddle it.

Your dress gets dirt on it, and you shrug.

You think ice cream & wine is always an acceptable dinner option. Always.

You LIVE for the feeling of sunshine on your skin & wind in your hair.

You’re already screaming YASSSS WHERE DO I BOOK YOU?

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