Weather in Oregon

If you’re planning an Oregon elopement, you might be wondering when to elope in Oregon. The best time to elope in Oregon is usually June-October. Although, this heavily depends on where you want to go. Weather throughout the state of Oregon can vary.

When to Elope in Portland

when to elope in Oregon

Portland receives a lot of rain year round. But by the summer, everything is lush and green. If you’re looking to elope in the mossy forests, a good time is early summer. June would be the best bet. I personally don’t like days where it’s overwhelmingly hot. The last thing I want is to be sweating in my wedding dress. So early summer is when there is less rain, everything is green and beautiful, and hopefully it isn’t blazing hot yet.

When to Elope in Mt. Hood

When to elope in Oregon

When to elope in Oregon and specifically in Mt. Hood depends a bit on what scenery you prefer. If you’re looking to do a wildflower hike, you should absolutely consider having your elopement in May or June. If you want to really get up high into the mountain, July might be better since there will be more snow melt at that point. A lot of hikes throughout Oregon that are high in elevation aren’t accessible until July, and sometimes even August.

When to Elope in Central Oregon

Oregon elopement

June to July are a great time to elope in Central Oregon. August and September can be tricky due to wildfires. No one wants to plan a gorgeous elopement just to have all the views ruined by wildfires. Inhaling the smoke isn’t honestly that ideal either.

If you’re looking to hike up high to location such as broken top or to south sister, you might have to deal with the possibility of having some smoke. Mid-July to September will be best for those hikes since you want to make sure all of the snow will be gone. These hikes are normally accessible until about mid-October.

When to Elope on the Oregon Coast

Generally speaking, the coast is a safe bet all summer long. It can be quite rainy in the winter and spring. But summers are a lot warmer with a lot more sunshine. When to elope in Oregon, specifically the coast, is really just dependent on what time of year you like most. It’s accessible all year round. Fall is great as there’s still not a ton of rain, but it’s not as busy as it is in the summer.

Weather in Oregon

Overall, weather in Oregon can be quite moody. Fog, rain, gloomy dark days. There are far less of them in the summer. Although, if your heart is set on Oregon but you’re really hoping for sunshine, your ultimate best bet would be to elope in Central Oregon in the early summer.

There are a few spots in Central Oregon to consider. Bend, for example, is surrounded by mountains, multiple national forests, and even desert. They average around 300 days of sunshine in a year. So odds are, you will get a sunny day for your elopement. If you’re planning your own elopement are and are looking for a photographer to capture your day and help you plan, reach out!

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