waterfall engagement session in Oregon

This waterfall engagement session in Oregon was beyond stunning. In Oregon, we’re known for our vast and differing landscapes. Waterfalls being on of the main takeaways. There are so many throughout the state. Most of the well-known ones are located in the Columbia River Gorge just outside of Portland.

So how do you pick the one best suited for your needs for a waterfall engagement session in Oregon? Read on, and I’ll tell you exactly how.

Proxy Falls Waterfall Engagement Session

Proxy falls hiking engagement

This couple wanted a waterfall that was a bit more off the beaten path. Why? Well first, we didn’t want to be around crowds. Some couples have a much easier time being professionally posed when they know they aren’t being watched. I took that into account when finding the perfect location for this couple. We actually managed to be the only ones here during out waterfall engagement session in Oregon.

Proxy Falls is located on the Santiam Pass near Sisters, Oregon. The drive is gorgeous. You go up through winding roads and pass through mountains and large pines your whole way there. To get to the waterfall, you have to hike 1.6 miles round trip. It’s a fairly easy hike. Although, you must cross over a few fallen trees.

If you’re looking for a perfect waterfall for your own waterfall engagement session in Oregon, here’s some tips. Shoot on a weekday. Shoot at sunrise or sunset. Find a hike on AllTrails that says it has lower foot traffic. You can also set a filter on AllTrails to show hikes only including waterfalls. And wa-la, you’ve got it. Location scouting is also included in my photography packages, so if you hire me, I find perfect locations for you.

The Engagement Photos at the Falls

Waterfall engagement session Proxy Falls

We enjoyed our hike on the way down to our waterfall engagement session in Oregon, and didn’t start shooting until we were at the base of the falls. I had this couple basically explore everywhere we could walk, posing them along the way. We all got to know each other before-hand so it felt like hanging out with friends. This was also their first time visiting Oregon, so they were enamored with the landscape.

Needless to say, this shoot was a ton of fun. A rainbow even appeared in the waterfall during our session. After that, we did a quick outfit change. The couple hiked back up the slope and we started shooting the rocky trail at golden hour. These photos came out SO beautifully and it felt like shooting in two separate locations, which is exactly what they wanted. If you’re interested in your own waterfall engagement session in Oregon, reach out! I’m here from start to finish to help you plan everything and make sure you have a kick-ass experience!

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